Wash your hands!

Keep your immune system strong for yourself and others!
Cough into your elbow.
Sit on your cushion more than you have.
Rest more than is needed.
Eat healthy.
Walk vigorously outside and breathe in the fresh air.
If ill stay home with a good book or movie.
Ask your body, “Body, what do I need to know?”
Listen deeply for the answers.

If you are experiencing fear, call a friend, do morning pages and write about it.
Take a class over Zoom.

Wash your hands!

What time is it?

Time to get out of trance?
Time to wake up?

Time for the Now Clock?

Time to pause?
Time to open?
Time to trust what emerges from within you?
Time to listen deeply?
Time to speak the truth?

Whatever the time…it’s now.