Just This

You made it.
You are here.

Breathe it in…this newness.
Pretty wonderful, huh?
That’s it. That’s all there is.

Just This.

It’s the meaning you create…

  • It’s not the sun – it’s how you cooperate with the sun.
  • It’s not the wind – it’s how you dance in the wind.
  • It’s not the hoola hoop – it’s how you move inside the hoola hoop.
  • It’s not the wave – it’s how you swim in the wave.
  • It’s not the food – it’s how you digest the food.
  • It’s not the information – it’s the meaning you create.

There is no world beyond this perception of the world. – Mac Dryden

Dodge the Bullet!

You don’t have to take the hit. You don’t have to say, “Yes”. You don’t have to revisit the old patterns.

Become the breath of courage.

Side step. Turn away. No need to worry about the bullet. It will look for another place to lodge while you skip away to live another reality.