What are you putting in motion?

What chain of events are you perpetuating on this 27th day of January, 2021? 

Ask your Future Self how these events might evolve one year from now on the 27th day of January, 2022.

Pausing your active life for a moment…
Give your full attenton to your Future Self..

What are you aware of…

Fearlessness and Discernment

Fearlessness and discernment keep each other balanced.
As a spiritual warrior fearlessness is essential.
As a spiritual warrior discernment is necessary.
As they shake hands together
Notice the confidence you have in life…
Once again.

Sometimes it’s just plain scary!

So what to do when in a fearful state?
Analyze? Judge? Binge? Exercise?
Purchase? Educate? Learn?

So many compelling choices to help us shift into another state of being.

Try choosing this simple mantra
Accompanied by deep breathing and a vigourous walk:
I am not Fear.
I am the awareness Fear.
I am the artist of my creation.

It’s simple.
The difficulty is pausing to do it.

As It Is

The enso is complete
When the brush leaves the rice paper.
It is perfect as it is.

When do you deem yourself perfect?

Embracing What-Is…

Embrace what-is in your life.
Steep yourself
In the reality of what-is.
Live from there.

Eliminate thoughts of what-could-have-been.

Notice how much life energy
Is liberated
When it is solely about

Tomorrow has become today…

Update yourself!

Purposely breathe out ~
the illusions
the outdated belief systems
the unfounded narratives
That you created…and held true.

Update yourself!
Burn the deadwood of the past
Plant seeds for the future
Breathe in this ever-changing moment

Let the blessings flow
As we live in this multi-verse
Of new beginnings
With strength, resiliency, empathy and kindness
For ourselves and all sentient beings.

Keep checking in…

…so you don’t check out…

At the top of each hour ask yourself…
“What’s alive in me right now?”

And listen to the Answer of Awareness.