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Deep bow…

It has come to this…

Fire dancing
As it heats this room.

Irish Chai simmerng
Waiting to be poured.

Sun rising unseen
Behind the Sangre de Cristos.

Every single thing moving
In its’ place.

It has come to this…
This is what is.


I am so powerful, I can create misery for myself…
out of anything at all…

I am so powerful I can create joy for myself…
out of anything at all…


A tip of the hat to Mac Dryden for his insights becoming words.

Sometimes you just have to wait it out…

You were responsible.
You completed all that was needed.
You showed up wholeheartedly.
Now you just have to wait it out
With rest, fluids, gentle stretches and meditation.

As you live into
The fever, the body aches and the chills…
Whatever the moment brings,
Embody it with the help of your breath.
Let go with the help of mantra-ing:
This too shall pass.

•Life has its’ own timing.
•.Everything in life is impermanent.

A deep bow to the second Moderna vaccine shot for help in writing this blog!

Trusting What Is

Look around.
Bear witness to your environments
Both inner and outer.

Pause. Breathe. Settle.

Observe the “What Is-ness” in your life.
Trust What Is.
Notice what emerges.

Engage in Just This

Sometimes it is all about
Stepping into Life wholeheartedly

With the curiosity of Beginners Mind…
The courage to Live in the Unknown…
And the confidence that every single. thing
Brings lessons for your practice.

Knowing this…
Engage fully today.
Be open to what arises.
Surrender to Just This.

Stretching to Embrace It All

This past year has been
Filled with ~
Questioning • Skepticism • Reevaluating
Trusting • Masking • Zooming
Fearing • Evolving

As we have stretched to
Embrace it all
We have found new purpose…
Discovered new meaning…
And for many,
A new commitment
To Right Livelihood
Has emerged.

Stretching to embrace life • Dow Gardens • Midland, Michigan • Ann-Marie

Tomorrow, Monday, March 15
In the afternoon
Our S-T-R-E-T-C-H class
Begins via Zoom.

If you are ready to explore a
New avenue of Right Livelihood,
One that opens your heart into a lifestyle
Of contribution, integrity and meaning
Click this link…

We are a small transformational
School and community
Based on mindfulness, wellness
And somatic coaching
Along with Positive Psychology, NVC, and EMDR.

This is our Mission Statement:
In a world that reinvents
Itself on a daily basis,
We empower
Students and credentialed coaches
To adapt, integrate, and flourish
From the inside out,
For the betterment
Of all sentient beings.

Deep bow to you….
And to every. single. thing!

Whales, Laughter and Oneness

When was a time your Heart and Spirit
Felt wholeheartedly

For me
It was swimming in the Pacific
With my son
A few miles off the Maui shore.

It was just the two of us until
A Mama whale began
Singing to her calf
In the deep waters.

The gentle waves combined with
The singing, embodied us
With a sense of happy wonder.
Our happiness evolved
Into a Meditation of Oneness.

I visit this memory often.
Why? Because it nourishes me
And when I do, I feel happy.

As you bring up your memory
In your mind’s eye
Notice. everything. single. thing.
Feel into it.
Breathe into it.
Embody it.

Highlight this memory in
Your mind’s eye
Tracking it from
Beginning to end.

This is your go-to
When your Heart and Spirt
Are aching to be nourished.

Happiness is fun, isn’t it!

It’s the Gnarly Mindset…

Where flow is not perceived –
Where the unfolding process is not trusted –
Where Monkey Mind is continuously
Jumping haphazardly
In no particular direction.

It’s a dizzying experience,
This Gnarly Mindset.

A bit gnarly! 2012 Haiku, Maui

What to do?
Invite Breath to guide you into Spaciousness.

For five minutes do Belly Breaths through your nose:
Deeply inhale ten counts.
Hold ten counts.
Exhale slowly ten counts.
Hold ten counts.

As the mind settles
Connection happens.
Higher states of Consciousness
Are experienced.