Let go of a Fixed Mindset and step into a Growth Mindset.
Live from Beginners Mind with fresh eyes.
Move into seeing the world with a spacious view.

What happens when you “Change Your View”?

The Internal Mask

The Pandemic Mask is a necessity to wear.

However, the Internal Mask that hides who we are to ourselves is toxic.

Sit with yourself today with the sole purpose of witnessing and acknowledging the internal masks.
And then…
Notice who is under the mask.

A Simple Mantra

I am not my thoughts.
I am the awareness of my thoughts.
I am the Artist of My Creation.

You are not your thoughts.
Your are the awareness of your thoughts.
You are the Artist of Your Creation.

We are not our thoughts.
We are the awareness of our thoughts.
We are the Artist of Our Creations.

Give it up to Life!

A Mindfulness Practice:
At the top of each hour today I challenge you to applaud!

Applaud as you watch and participate in Life’s Oscar winning performances for best screenplay, best drama, best comedy, best special effects, best actress and actor.

Applaud yourself into Life’s next moment with spark and humour!

It’s all about staying engaged proactively while bearing witness.
We can do this!

Give it up to life!

Feeling the burn…

Like in exercising, what feels like the burn today is the strength tomorrow.
Feel into the burn –breathe through it, knowing it brings wisdom, resiliency and strength tomorrow.

Pandemic Antidotes

If you are behind enemy lines in your mind–

If you are lonely–
Look in the mirror. Connect with yourself. Then connect with a loved one.

If you are experiencing information overload–
Turn off the noise and listen to the silence.

If you are escaping through food, drink, cannabis–
Pause. Breathe deep into Beginners MInd. See the world with Fresh Eyes.

If you are gaining Pandemic Pounds–
Eat less. Eat slower. Chew with awareness.

If you are lethargic and greyed-out–
Breathe deeper, move more, and sweat!

Each moment gives us opportunites to choose differently based on what we have learned.

May our learnings transform into wisdom.
May we take this time to heal on all levels.

Loving us all up!

The Three Treasures Study on Grief and Loss is simple and yet profound, Five minutes each day you focus on these four Loving Kindness Meditation statements:

May we (I, You) now be filled with loving kindness.
May we (I, You) now to safe and protected.
May we (I, You) now be resilient in mind and body.
May we (I, You) now live with ease and joy.

For more specific instructions and to even participate in the study, click here:

And, of course, if you need help…we’re here!

Deep bow,

P.S. May you give yourself this gift today! It only costs five minutes out of your day!