Engaging in Right Action…

Take a quantum leap today by engaging 100% into Right Action.
How? A beginning step is this Loving Kindness Meditation.

1. Visualize all peoples of the world.
2. Slowly speak:
~May we now see the similarities between us.
~May we now be filled with loving kindness.
~May we now to be safe and protected.
~May we now be resilient in mind and body.
~May we now help each other to live together with respect, ease and joy.
3. Put physical form to the LKM by reaching out to someone you don’t know and connect wholeheartedly.

Where the Mind Goes…the Qi goes!

Be aware of what you are focusing on today.
Be attentive to what you are cultivating.
Be focused on your intentions.
Keep reining in your MonkeyMind.

Stay determined and courageous
Remembering ~
Where the Mind goes, the Qi goes.

Exhaustion is a clue…

When you are exhausted…
•Rest and meditate
•Feed your body healthy organic foods
•Connect with friends
•Get out under the skies and move
•Anonymously do a good deed for someone you haven’t met yet
•Be kinder to all, including you

Join us in our daily meditations from 6am-6:30am Mountain.  You don’t have to journey through this alone.

Here is the registration link to receive the Zoom link:

This is not a time for lassitude…

Keep your awareness strongly steeped in Love
As you move forward with intention.

Do not squander your life nor another’s
Through inactivity and paralysis.

This is not a time for lassitude.

Yesterday Is No Longer

We have today. This moment. Right now.

With that nowness comes 18 million choices on how to think, be, and do.

How are you choosing to live this moment? Not yesterday’s moment…but this moment.

In other words…how are you evolving?

Knowing you will die, how then shall you live today?

Death might be right around the corner. Knowing this, what are three things you will do or be today?

  1. ________________________________________________________.
  2. ________________________________________________________
  3. ________________________________________________________

Remember: Do not squander your life.

Unleash your courage and create. It’s time!

By putting our attitude into an Infinite Mindset, where everything is possible and everything has potential, our creativity blossoms and manifests.

What are you ready to create? What has been whispering in your ear? What has been pulling at your sleeve?

I challenge you to unleash your courage, fly past objections and move into creating a new world.