Shake it off!

All that energy that isn’t yours is none of your business. It’s that simple.

Don’t let the energies settle in your body.
Shake it off like a wet dog coming out of the lake.

Shake it off hard and fast.
Remember who you are.
Consciously uplevel and realign yourself.
Do something positive for the world.


Crossing the line of familiarity

Consider the equinox as crossing a line
First into shorter days and longer nights
Second into experiencing more darkness
Third into receiving more messages from the DreamWorld
Fourth into delving deep into the Collective Unconscious
Awaiting and then hearing the wisdom of the ancestors.

Dedicated to GB.

The day before equinox…

Perhaps a clearing, a smudging, a realignment
A balancing, a cuddling, or a deepening
Is in your Future.

Create the Future as Now
For you and all the peoples of Gaia.

Yes, no need to Future.
Realign and balance Now.

How She Moistened Her Heart

She sat quietly
Listening to the wind
Breathing in the cedar
Winking at the bunny
Taking the  thick sap between her fingers 
And rubbing  it onto her third eye.

She bowed to the ten directions
Remembering every single thing 
Is the  heartbeat of Gaia

Changing energy fields

Once the decision is made….jump into it!
No second guessing. Don’t even consider remorse.
Just do it!
It can always be tweaked later.

What are you aware of?

Do it anyway, I dare you!

Scared about that next step?
Scared you don’t know how to do “it” and never will?
Scared you might fail?
Scared you might be laughed at?
Scared you won’t get that fifth chance?

Do it anyway. I dare you!