Just another dark sky? I beg to differ!

Position yourself under the dark skies tonight
Wrapped in a blanket
With a mug of hot tea warming your hands
As one meteor after another
Darts across the darkness.
Watch how your body responds.
As Carl Sagan said, “We were made of star stuff over 4.5 billion years ago.”

Perseid meteor shower

How are you viewing the world?

Which lens are you viewing through? Which mindset? Which belief system?

By upping our meditation and utilizing mindfulness practices throughout the day our view becomes more spacious.

Moving into Spacious Mind what do you see in the image below? What else do you see? And now…what do you see?

200810 Ann-Marie • What do you see?

Dedicated to Mike Mullin

Drop the Rock

What rock are you carrying that needs to be dropped?
What is the name of your rock?
The Rock of Shame?
The Rock of Resentment?
The Rock of Worry?

What will it take for you to drop that rock and not look back?
Or are you telling yourself you need to do more inner work?
More writing around it?
More therapy?
More coaching?

Delaying dropping the rock is a choice. Your choice.

When are you going to lighten up!?

Imagine ~ Living in Beginners Mind…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one.

~Imagine living with fresh eyes and an openness to what is happening right now.
~Imagine engaging wholeheartedly in life without judgement.
~Imagine showing up and being seen for what you believe.
~Imagine…and then make it happen. A great combo!

True North

When changes are occuring rapidly may we give ourselves moments throughout the day to stop, pause, listen….and contemplate.

May we show up and be seen engaging with our moral compass as it leads us in the direction of true north.

The best way to enjoy what is…

Let go of old belief systems preventing you from enjoying what is right now. Create a new belief that is a natural antidote to the old belief.

For instance, you were going on a remote picnic at the end of the day. But now it’s drizzling! Your old belief system says, “I can’t go on a picnic when it’s drizzling.” What is the antidote?

Align with “what is” by swiftly and consciouslessly choosing the antidote that rises above the “Ain’t It Awful Syndrome”. What are the antidotes when you are tired of wearing the mask and gloves? Not going to a live music concert? Tired of the physical distancing? Tired of…whatever! What are the antidotes?

You have a choice to evolve or dissove with the changes happening throughout our world. Choose your beliefs wisely and remember to go for the antidote!