A learning moment…

Just learned that the audio I included in the blog I just-just sent is not included in the email you received.

This link should take you directly to the blog site so you can listen! https://wp.me/patYLo-8p

And, indeed! One never knows what will happen next! ( – ;

Deep bow to this morning all day!

An evolving image

We are not who we have been.
We are who we are becoming.
And sometimes it looks messy!

La Posada: A Fred Harvey Hotel • Winslow, Arizona 190601

Let the Alchemy Begin!

A gentle smile never goes out of style–
Nor does a listening ear or an understanding nod,
A helpful hand, a knowing wink,
A deep bow of respect.

These connections generate a life worth living.

Today may we dust off that which is not us
To utilize the ingredients of who we truly are.

Let the alchemy begin!

Deep listening

Listen for the answers you have not yet asked. Live within them. Be penetrated. Be guided. Let them deliver you to your next step.

Full Moon in BackLand, May 17, 2019

Another way…

Walk away leaving the deadlines in the dust.
Step into the lushness to what is unfolding. 
What is alive in you now?

Dear Begin Againers~

Dear Begin Againers,

What have you separated yourself from to be connected now?

Deep bow to the open hand…