Loving Awareness

Pause for just a moment.  Breathe deeply and exhale.

•Watch what emerges as your mind begins to settle with each inhale and exhale. 
•Watch attentively and breathe even deeper into it.  
•Breathe into the not knowing.  
•Exhale any stagnant qi. 
•Dive deep into and engage with loving awareness.

Not getting it? Go slower….have your breath become your ally…

And now try again,. This is why it is called a “practice”…. ( – ;

What are you aware of?

What are you hungry for?

When you look at life’s buffet of choices what are you truly hungry for?

This is an important question because when we are hungry we do what it takes to feed ourselves. But sometimes when we are too hungry we make poor choices.

Stay aware of your MInd and Body. Notice what they are hungry for before they become ravenous. This awareness will help you stay balanced as well as flow with what life is giving.

And Poof!

Without warning impermanence waves it’s wand and change occurs. The stability we had relied upon has dissolved…or is it the illusion of stability that has dissolved?

Bottomline: Life is impermanent. To tell ourselves othewise is perpetuating an illusion.

Knowing this….how shall you live your life today?

Image into…

…letting life pull you in, rather than you pushing yourself into life.

Consider this action thought:
I am letting life pull me in. I no longer need to push into life.

How does your body feel when you relax into life?


Monkey Mind enjoys spinning. Inner Critic enjoys duality. Gremlin enjoys bullying.

None of them are you.

What do you enjoy?

What time is it?

Time to get out of trance?
Time to wake up?

Time for the Now Clock?

Time to pause?
Time to open?
Time to trust what emerges from within you?
Time to listen deeply?
Time to speak the truth?

Whatever the time…it’s now.

The News Fast

The month News Fast gave me many teachings and gifts.

Accumulation of unread Sunday morning newspapers…

Just like sitting on my cushion in a ten day silent retreat the first few days were a bit rough with Monkey Mind wondering what was going on out there in the world. Wondering what wasn’t going on. Curious about what might be happening that I needed to know about. Endless mind chatter the first few days.

And then the benefits began. I slept better. I had more time for Loving Kindness Meditation. I exercised more. I began minimalizing my home and lifestyle. My body felt more relaxed and more alive. I had energetic flashes of when I was a little girl and how much I loved living.

Realization: The daily news is a cluttered cluster of energies that I don’t need nor want in my life. I will continue being engaged in the world but there are better ways than reading or watching or listening to the daily news.

(Confession: I did watch the stock market and cryptocurrency.)