Let’s meditate together…live.

A deep bow and much love to each of you from Santa Fe…

The world is reinventing itself in this moment. Together we are walking in the mysteries of the unknown on a crash course of adapting and integrating. 

You are invited to join me on Zoom each day to meditate silently from 6 to 6:30am Mountain Time. It’s in these silent spaces where we find resiliency in an infinite and nourishing mindset.

Come, come, whoever you are. Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving. It doesn’t matter. Ours is not a caravan of despair. Come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times. Come, yet again, come, come.

Click here a few minutes before 6am Mountain to get settled.  We’ll be waiting for you.

Deep bow to each of you with fresh eyes and Beginners Mind,


Owl Wisdom

Out under the dark skies walking,
Owl silently flew overhead.
I asked, “What do you know about this Coronavirus?”
Her response? She kept flying solo.
Just as I will keep living in this moment solo
With Fresh Eyes, Beginners Mind, and lots of soap!

When fear arrives…

When fear arrives it hides security, safety and stability.
What to do?
Determine the antidotes.

These questions might help:
•What will give me safety in this moment?
•How can I experience security right now?
•What is the first step I can do to meet my needs for stability?
And now engage those answers by putting them into action aka do them!

And then…love yourself up, your oldest and dearest friend.
Put your arms around yourself and give yourself a big long hug…
That hug will often squeeze the fear right out of you.

It’s Friday night in Santa Fe…

And I’m curious…how are you being in this new world of ours?
•What emotions are you upleveling?
•What meditations are you using?
•What mindfulness practices are you taking with you throughout the day?
•And…how do you get stuck and get out of it?

Be gentle with yourself as you integrate and adapt to new ways of living on this amazing planet.

Be gentle and choose wisely your reality.

How do we know when we have enough?

200311 • Empty bins in bulk foods • Ann-Marie McKelvey

How do we know when we have enough?
How do we know when we are prepared enough?
How do we know when it is good enough?

As we reinvent our lives for this new chapter
Remember to prepare yourself each morning
By purposely sitting quietly on the cushion
Breathing in and out
Creating the Unknown as your ally.

And remember…together we are a strong mandala!

An Infinite Mindset

As the mind grasps for stability, safety and security
In a world that feels more unknown than ever…
Here is an antidote ~

Walk purposely under the moon.
Exhale all that is not needed.
Breathe in the moonlight.
Breathe in the stars.
Breathe in infinity.

What energies are you mailing out into the Universe?

Stop and ask yourself, “Is this the energy that I want to mail to others?”

And if not…
Settle the mind with breath.
Once settled ask yourself, “What is my next best action step?”
Listen, trust and follow through.

Bottomline: Imagine if collectively we mailed resiliency, compassion, creativity, ingenuity, trust and love into the Universe.

I’m in. You?

200309 Remain Calm. We are One. • Ann-Marie

Reconsidering Choices

•To say yes or say no to the upcoming plans made months ago.
•To stay or go.
•To pretend it’s business as usual or a time to reconsider and live a bit differently…at least for now.

As we bear witness to the arising choices of how to live our lives remember…everything is impermanent.

By saying no today, what are you saying yes to for tomorrow…or next month…or next fall? And if you do say no to traveling, for instance, what can you say yes to that would benefit you now?

At the ready…to counteract Coronavirus.

Make exercising easy before you can change your mind. Keep your exercise gear at the door! Just like with meditation create a certain time you exercise daily. No negotiation!

200302 • At the ready! • Ann-Marie

Optimize your immune system daily to stay ahead of the coronavirus. Exercise, meditate, wash hands, sleep and rest more, hydrate hourly, cough or sneeze into your elbow.

Keep washing your hands!