Changing energy fields

Once the decision is made….jump into it!
No second guessing. Don’t even consider remorse.
Just do it!
It can always be tweaked later.

What are you aware of?

Do it anyway, I dare you!

Scared about that next step?
Scared you don’t know how to do “it” and never will?
Scared you might fail?
Scared you might be laughed at?
Scared you won’t get that fifth chance?

Do it anyway. I dare you!

You’ve Got This…

You know in your heart of hearts
What the next steps are.

You know in your heart of hearts
What is no longer needed

Update. Restore. Invent.

To resist change is futile.
You will end up sick, up against the wall, stuck in a fixed mindset.

Instead leapfrog over the resistance to change.
Embody hope, faith and, yes, much more love.
Imagine engaged creativity flowing..

Uplevel yourself.
Resistance is futile.

Day Two aka 48 hours ~ Sans The News

Reporting in:
•There has been a perky bounce in my step and actions most of the day.
•My mind feels decluttered.
•Being devoid of toxic conversation and “the News”
makes way for new possiblities to arise.
•Mid-day I began expecting wonders.
•Awareness is more expansive.
•Physical cravings have disappeared.
•A tender kindness has replaced a hurried, prickliness.

By sensing where I do not belong
I contemplate where I do.

Day One ~ Sans The News

Hope has been my steady companion
Since the wee hours of the morning.

With Hope I have been viewing
The world through a Growth Mindset
Rather than something that is Black & White
& read all over.

With Hope (sans the news) there has been no
Poisonous communication,
Only the crafting
Of Right Speech, Right Action and Right Thinking.

Bottomline: Living hopefully is much more invigorating, imaginative and inventive than living in the fearful space of “Ain’t It Awful”.