Life is fragile…

….handle with care.

So many different ways to live.
So many different ways to die.

Not knowing the expiration dates of our Beloveds…
How shall we be with them today?
How shall we embrace them even more deeply?
How shall we love them?

And how shall we live when they have gone?


When you look ahead
It can be daunting.

But when you are right here, right now in this moment…
It is Just This.

My favorite mindful practice:
•Breathe in JUST
•Exhale THIS
•Repeat in every situation and notice…

#2 Love Letter to Life

Life, you’ve seemed older these past months, even serious and withdrawn at times.

Yet today I witnessed you ageless with the lightness of Beginners Mind wisdom. My heart leapt!
It was then I recognized I had been the serious and withdrawn one, not you.

Life, you are my Beloved Teacher. Please don’t give up on me as I learn to walk uncharted territories with the lightness of Beginners Mind.

Writing A Love Letter to Life

Notice what unfolds as you connect with Life as your beloved through contemplation and the written word.

Here’s one I wrote a wee bit earlier to Life:
All the beauty you have created
Was combined tonight
As the sun set over the Sangre de Cristos
And your love soared through the golden ruby skies.

Contemplate life as your lover. Write a love letter to life without hesitation and without judgement or editing. Notice how your body feels as you write and read the letters out loud.

What changes inside of you?

Working with vs. Working against

“”Working with” moistens our heart to move past any and all resistances.

Today pick an area in your life that up until now has been beseiged by resistances.

Begin your inner work knowing each resistane can be transformed into an ally that teaches you what is necessary in your work.

What do you notice?

Imagine a No-Blame World

For this moment ~
Picture living in a no-blame world.
What would you think about?
How would your body feel?
How would you view the world?

Imagine the love that would be released…

As though for the first time…

Beginners Mind is an open state of awareness. It is where belief systems are no longer fed by the past nor the imagined future.

It’s Just This.
It’s What Is.
It’s Here Now.
It is the Thusness of Life.

May you now live in Beginners Mind.

Join Us Daily to Explore the Silent Spaces

For over two months a small group of colleagues from around the world have gathered to meditate and “Explore the Silent Spaces of Infinite Mindset”. It has become a refuge for many of us.

Please know you are more than welcome to join us. The Zoom meditation room opens each day at 5:45am Mountain. This is a time for everyone to settle in. From 6 – 6:30am Mountain we meditate together.

Here is the registration link which will give you the Zoom link:

Deep bow…