Stay tuned in somatically…

…as life sorts itself out.

Stay tuned into your somatic needs…
Are you hydrating?
Doing what it takes to sleep 7-9 hours?
Moving your body aerobically?
Eating organic plant-based foods?
Meditating and doing mindfulness practices daily?

Are you giving and receiving hugs?
Purposely creating softness, ease and joy in your life?
Making a gratitude list? A blessing list?
Doing anonymous random acts of kindnesses?

This is a great time to be loving each other up.

Sometimes the best told story…

is not what actually happened…even if it is a good story!

Sometimes the best told story is a fabrication of what was.

To continue telling the story over years perpetuates the illusion it is true. Yet what is true is the suffering that the story creates for others.

Bottomline: If you are embellishing a story, ask yourself what needs are being met for you. Especially if you have an inkling that over the years an illusion is being perpetuated.

Know what I mean, JellyBean?


What stories did you tell yourself today?

How did the stories come about?
•By witnessing a situation?
•By flaming your emotions?
•By living out the triggers from a previous experience?

Stories lead our lives. They can take us into living our passions or down a dark alley….and everything in between.

Choose carefully the stories you want to tell yourself this week. Once chosen live them wholeheartedly.

Notice how life responds.


I’m excited ! Tomorrow winter classes begin at the Mindfulness Coaching School .

If you are ready to take a class or classes on mindfulness, coaching, positive psychology, EMDR, NonViolent Communication and somatic coaching this upcoming Winter Quarter check out our academic calendar.

If you are wanting to be a credentialed coach…come! If you are wanting to do your own personal inner work…come! If you are wanting to create a retreat for yourself, choose a class(es) and delve deep for eight to twelve weeks…come!

Bottomline: This is going to be one of those quarters….I can feel it. Join us…I think you’ll be surprised on what emerges!

From my heart to your heart with a deep bow,

P.S. Tomorrow (Monday) night is also the Mindfulness Coaching Call at 5pm Mountain. It’s our gift to the global coaching community. This month it is hosted by our faculty member and admissions coach, Liv Syptak. Click for the link to register.

The Gift of Pausing

The receipt was $123.19 too much. There was a long line in back of me so the cashier with a wicked bad cold said Customer Service would help me with the refund.

I pushed my cart to Customer Service. The woman behind the counter didn’t look at me as I explained what had happened. Instead she emptied all my cloth bags and began returning every item through her register.

I said, “No. Please, wait. Let me explain again. I want everything in the bags but there were two overcharges totalling $123.19 that I would like credited to my card.”

She continued not looking at me as she returned the items. I felt my body get hot. My breath was short and I could tell my mind was churning up something to say that I would later regret and have to make amends for.

It was then I remembered I had a choice on how to respond. So I paused right there at Customer Service. I closed my eyes taking ten deep inhales and exhales. With each breath I could feel my body relax as my mind began to settle. I was down-regulating.

When I opened my eyes the woman was looking at me with a tiny smile. We saw each other.

I said, “Could we begin again? I think we could have more fun doing this.” And so we began again.

Moral of the Story: To gift ourselves with pausing helps us move through the world with more ease and less suffering.

Solstice Two Saturdays Ago in the BackLand

Singing the sun down, Coyote emerged from Grandmother Pinon Tree.
She stopped, turned her head and looked into me.

Like a friend who had been found
I bowed to her wild wisdom, innate beauty and silent strengths.

She began walking slowly down the cattle path with me following.
As she glanced back, I bowed again.
Raven watched quietly from the high cedar branch
Then flew ahead as the sun bowed and went behind the Jemez.

There comes a time….

when we realize we did our best with the resources available.

It had, afterall, been an uncanny and difficult situation without a guidebook or mentor.

We had done our best. And it’s okay if it hadn’t gone the way others had wanted.

There comes a time – like now – when we let go of the belief systems of others to create new and updated beliefs systems that serve us….so we can continue doing our best.

2020 Vision

Mom had 2020 vision.  On high desert hikes she was the one who found the arrowheads and pottery shards. 

“How do you always find them?” I asked peering through my prescription sunglasses.

“I know they are there.  I just relax, watch the ground and know I will find at least one,” she would say confidently. This was her belief system.

To meet our 2020 goals we must have 2020 vision. 
•The clarity to see what is in front of us.
•The determination to see different points of view. 
•The trust to be expansive with perceptive intuition.
•The resilience to see what at first cannot be seen.
•The perseverence to continue focusing.
•The courage to relax and change glasses!

Always the choice to view life through another pair of glasses!
That’s why I have so many!

A mindful practice for 2020 Vision and Beliefs:
•Write down your goals for 2020.
•Choose the one most important to you.
•What is your personal belief system regarding this goal and its’ attainment?
•With Beginners Mind create beliefs that work for you, not against you. 
•Let your 2020 vision and belief system collaborate.
•Do the necessary action steps with trust and relaxation.
•With fresh eyes watch the manifestation.

May 2020 bring you the blessings that have always been in front of you…but you just weren’t able to see them!