All You Need Is Love

Love is all you need…
Love is all she needs…
Love is all he needs…
Love is all they need…
Love is all we need…

Uncontional Love 11″x 14″ Mixed media
Ann-Marie McKelvey

Breathing deeply, visualize yourself permeated with Love.
Imagine directing Love even more deeply into yourself. To her. to him. To them. To us.

With Love flowing —
How are you viewing the world now?
How is your body responding now?

Keep practicing!

April’s mantra:
This too shall pass.
I am not my thoughts.
I am the awareness of my thoughts.
I am the Artist of my Creation.

Imagine Loving Yourself Unconditionally

Imagine loving.
Imagine loving yourself unconditionally.
Imagine loving yourself unconditionally this moment.

Ink enso on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper
Ann-Marie McKelvey

Gently breathe in: I am now loving myself unconditionally.

Notice how your body responds.
Notice how you respond to Life.
Notice how Life responds to you.

April Mantra:
This too shall pass.
I am not my thoughts.
I am the awareness of my thoughts.
I am the Artist of my Creation.

The Lake of a Thousand Dreams

Once upon a time in a land not so far away there lived a princess: bright, strong, independent, Her palace overlooked the Lake of a Thousand Dreams, yet she was unable to dream passion, balance and light-heartedness into her world.

The Princess suffered. One day she would be alive with happiness in what life gave her, the next day dying in hopelessness from what she saw in the world.

This story is about how she found and lived the three-fold dream of passion, balance and light-heartedness no matter what life gave her. This story is how she became Queen.

Lake of a Thousand Dreams aka Abiquiu Lake, New Mexico • Captured by Wendy Wagner

How to Give Your IC, MM and G* a Vacation!

Follow the ten steps below! First guide your body into feeling more at ease. Now encourage your IC, MM and G* to go on vacation.

  1. Be aware of the thought and feeling brought to you by IC, MM and G*.
  2. Locate where they live in your body.
  3. Breathe aliveness into that location.
  4. Imagine exhaling all their energies out.
  5. Repeat until your body down regulates.
  6. Once down regulated, put up a stop sign in your mind’s eye when the monologue begins.
  7. Imagine IC, MM and G journeying to their favorite vacation spot to live.
  8. Use Be awake! Be alert! Do not be fooled by anyone (including IC, MM and G)! as a daily mantra to create awareness.
  9. Distract yourself with your favorite passion.
  10. Keep training IC, MM and G* to continue their vacation!

This exercise takes conscientious and pro-active mind training to shift and develop into new patterns. Keep practicing!

*IC = Inner Critic
*MM = Monkey MInd
*G = Gremlin

Remember: No guts, no glory!

Creating Them* as Your Allies

•Cut away all the storylines and go into Stillness.
•Listen to IC, MM and G* from your heart.
•Speak to Them* from your heart.
•Listen again…now even deeper.

•Ask IC, MM, and G* how they can guide you and become your ally.
•LIsten to the story presently told.
•Amplify and manifest by finding a tangible object to represent their answer.
•Proceed into what needs to be acted on in this moment.
•Open to what is. Open to Just This.

*IC = Inner Critic
*MM = Monkey Mind
*G = Gremlin

Remember: No guts, no glory!

The Ah-Ha Moment…Cultivating Mental Plasticity

•Summon the courage and determination to be in an open, unstructured environment
where Silence lives.

•Feel into the emptiness while making room for all of you underneath the sky of your thoughts.

•Be your own portable laboratory as the Ah-Ha Moment breaks down old concepts
and recreates you.

Remember: No guts, no glory!

Between a rock and a hard place?

Abiquiu, New Mexico 190317

When wanting to leave
Sit and stay put.

When the story within is retold again and again
Sit and stay put.

When the energy begins to dissolve
Sit and stay put.

When the emptiness unfolds
Sit and stay put..

When the energy begins a new form
Sit and stay put.

Breathe into and widen the circle to include all life.
Breathe into and widen the circle to include all life.
Breathe into and widen the circle to include all life.

Remember: No guts, no glory!

You don’t have it in you!

Nonsense!  If you thought it, you have it in you.  Invite the memory of the first time you realized you wanted to do it. 

Begin reclaiming those long ignored parts of yourself that brought the awe and wonder into your life.  Breathe them back in.  Let them self-organize and embody you fully.  Let their wisdom show you the next steps. 

Remember:  No guts, no glory!

Photo by Liam Simpson on Unsplash