Two Updated Games To Play

The first game: Upleveling Your Thoughts…Now!
The second game: New Ways to Walk Your TalkNow!

You and I have been preparing for years.
We know how to ~
• Stay conscious.
• Stay flexible.
• Bear witness.
•Engage in life fully
All while remembering life is impermanent!

As we move into living our Future Selves
Keep training your mind…

Why? It’s easier with a trained mind!


REFUSE to live in the jar of fear!

Sit on your cushion.
Contemplate what it is like to find the hidden depths of yourself.
Feel into this Infinite Mindset.

Live from those depths today.
Forge strong connections with your inner and outer worlds…
Again….and again….and again
One moment at a time.

REFUSE to live in the jar of fear.
Burst out and breathe!

Honest Explanations

How do you honestly explain your actions to yourself?
~Without pretending it was different.
~Without rationalizations.
Perhaps you were unaware the actions would hurt others, yet they have.

How do you now clean up the inner and outer energies?


“I don’t want to hear your complaints based on the choices you continue to make!”

A short silence followed quickly by the laughter of recognition.

Mindful Moral:
This is your life. When you find yourself complaining about it …well then, make different choices!

A Mindfulness Practice for Today

InHale New Beginings,
ExHale all stagnant qi.

InHale Fresh Eyes,
Exhale a Fixed Mindset

Inhale the love that surrounds,
ExHale judgements and opinions.

InHale all that is needed,
ExHale all that is not .

Remember: The breath is your ally.

Settling the Mind ~ A Mindfulness Practice

When the outside world is in chaos
Our inner world is deeply affected.

The Three Treasures Practice and Research Study is potent medicine as an antidote to actively settle the mind and increase love.

For five minutes envision All on the planet as you repeat:
•May we now be filled with loving kindness
•May we now be safe and protected
•May we now be resilient in mind and body
•May we now live with ease and joy

To participate in our ongoing research study utilizing EMDR ~
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Staying focused ~ A mindfulness practice

Monkey Mind’s nature is to jump from one thought to the next.
Gremlin’s nature is to ruthlessly bully you.
Inner Critic’s nature is to question your abilities to move forward.

By keeping you unfocused, defensive and paralyzed your life becomes blocked with stagnant qi.

Top of the Hour Breath Meditation.
Focus on and activate your breath.
Inhale deeply. Exhale deeper.
Keep your awareness with your breath

Purposefully LeapFrog over Monkey Mind, Gremlin and Inner Critic’s destructive comments.

No need to linger.
This is Mind Training at its’ best!