Belly Breaths…


Bringing your body relaxation
And your thoughts a softening.

Belly Breaths
Good for what ails ya!

The Good Enough Mindset

I am good enough.
You are good enough.
We are good enough.

In the beginning
Developing the Good Enough Mindset
Requires constant repetition
To ward off the Inner Critic
Who only believes in perfection.

The Good Enough Mindset
Gives permission
For curiosity, exploration, trust and commitment
To live wholeheartedly.

Just for today use
The three statements below
As mantras.

I am good enough.
You are good enough.
We are good enough.

Begin it.

This is not a time to analyze.
It is a time to trust and greet
That part of you
That is ready to begin.

Surprise yourself…
Just for five minutes do “it”.
Feel what it is like
To begin.

The Procrastination Period is over.

So is the frustration of not doing “it”.

When it is time to shift…
Trust that it IS time to shift!

Remember – this is YOUR life.
May you navigate well
As you leave the Procrastination Period!

It feels so good to be on this side! Come on over!

It’s all Practice…

Every. Single. Thing.
Is Practice.


Get underneath and
Go beyond
The conditioned thoughts
The cultural norms
The habitual routines.

Surround yourself with
What has always been
Waiting for you…

Who are you?

Follow your energy!

Just for the next hour…
Follow the energy that is alive in you.

How to do this?
•Open to what is.
•Trust what is emerging.
•Listen deeply.
•Speak your truth.
•Breathe into the energy emanating.
•Let this energy guide you as your next actions unfold,

A note:
Monkey Mind, Inner Critic and Gremlin are not invited
To enter into this sacred space you have created.

Instead follow the aliveness
Bearing witness to all that is.

Sit right smack dab in the middle…

Whenever disruption occurs…
Go to your zafu.
Sit in the middle of the disruption.
Consciously inhale and exhale.
Breathe even deeper in it.

Observe your belly relaxing.
Bear witness to your mind settling.
Notice your self noticing.

Then take this transformational energy
To the streets
And watch transformation evolve.

Don’t-Know Mind

As you sit on your zafu
Trust the emergence
Of the Unknown.

Slow dance
WithIn the empty spaces
Of Don’t-Know Mind.

Feel into the gifts
As the moment
Washes over you.

Continue purposely
And slowly
Breathing deeply
Into Don’t-Know Mind.

Then tell me,
What is it you don’t know again?

The Getting UnStuck Ritual

First hydrate.
Now stretch your muscles.
Breathe – exhaling and inhaling deeply.
Feel the stagnant qi begin to move?

Soften your gaze.
Intentionally bear witness
To an open and spacious world.

Delve into your aliveness.
Who you truly are
As you begin again.

Mind training is about conscious choices.
To do or not to do
To be stuck or to flow

What is your choice in this moment?