If you could today…

If you could today, how would you begin it?
If you did, what are the steps to manifest it?
As it manifests, what proactive measures need to happen this very day?

Yet more than that…
If you lived your life as though “it’s” happening right now~
How would you be living?
What would you be thinking?
What would you be excited about?

I challenge you to live fully the future lifestyle now.
Bear witness to what arises in your worlds, internally and externally.
Be ready to be surprised.

It’s just around the corner…

What are you on the verge of? 
What is it that you want in this moment of life?

Keep moving forward.
Don’t stop until the miracle happens…
It’s just around the corner.

Take a Bubble Bath

There are many ways to cleanse
That which is not yours.

Bathe in acceptance.
Submerge yourself in patience. 
Surprise yourself with bursting bubbles of possibilities.
Swim in the waters of engaged mindfulness.

Remember: You are your oldest and dearest friend.
Trust yourself.


How are you living it?

Like the sound of a Japanese flute weaving through the silence?
Like a dirt bike navigating quickly between the chollas?
Like sour dough bread rising to its’ fullest?

There are so many possibilities…

Life’s tests…

When they will come, we never know.
But they do come…
Sometimes fast,
Sometimes slow.

What we know is this…
By upleveling and cultivating our belief system
We are up for the challenge
We are up for the test.

Be patient with yourself.
Breathe into the moment.
Exhale out all that is not needed.
Navigate the best you can.
Stand up tall.
Face it.
Move forward…

And remember…what other people think of you is none of your business!

So don’t stop before you are half way through…
The other side is waiting for you!

Walking our Talk!

Greetings to each of you…

Our school’s foundation is mindfulness, wellness and somatic coaching. When I have said “Yes” to too many things I need to pull back, reassess and do some deep exhales. In this way clarity arrives in her brilliance and I am shown next steps towards realignment and balance.

As you may have noticed I have taken a break from blogging the past eight days. I will be back on it sooner than later.

Meanwhile, consider asking yourself how you can walk your talk even more wholeheartedly. Be ready to follow the straight answers from your BodyMindHeart! ( – :

MCS is hopping right now. We have two new classes as a direct result of Black Lives Matter.

•The first: Coaching Leaders for Today’s Challengeshttps://mindfulnesscoachingschool.com/classes/coaching-leaders/

•Hint for the second class that is not ready to go public quite yet: The life and teachings of a favorite Black she-ro. Want to guess who it might be?

Deep bow with a mischievous grin!