“When you are loving yourself…

…it’s extremely difficult to dislike or hate another.”
Contemplate this.

Now test this theory on your cushion and notice what unfolds:
Love yourself wholeheartedly while disliking another at the same time.

What happens?

Life is uncertain…

Knowing this, don’t waste time!
I dare you to do
What you have wanted to do
All along.

I dare you to walk courageously within the uncertainties
And run wild with what you discover around the corner.

I dare you!

Change in Progress

Like Wind
Hail was heard
Before it arrived.

Rain followed—
Cleansing, purifying
All that was not needed.

Which are you today?
Wind? Hail? Rain?

All are necessary.

There is no dress rehearsal…

Each day we do our best…
And then at night we reflect.
In the morning,
Through awareness,
Our best is what we give.

There is no dress rehearsal.
We are doing an “in the moment ensemble”.
May we stay true to our heartlines
And give life and ourselves the best we can.

As the blinders come off…

You may stumble, trip, fall. Get back up again. You are doing the best you can without maps and instructions.

As the blinders come off…be kind to yourself and to us. You plus Us = We.

We can do this together…

On southeast side of Maui near Bully’s Burgers. Ann-Marie

Starting with your own heart…

Gentleness and kindness start at home. We begin with our own heart. When we are kind and gentle with ourselves, we naturally offer this gentle kindness to all beings we meet.

How do you remember to be present and loving with yourself?