To Begin Again…

Each moment awards us
The opportunity
To live life differently
Than the moment before.

The Pandemic lifestyle
Is one of surrendering to what-is
As we create a life
That is lived wholeheartedly
In the Land of Impermanence.

What are your beginnings?

Words to Grok

The energetics
Of these words:

Kindness, Compassion, Cultivation, Auspicious, Alive

And now embody
And grok
These words.

With fresh eyes…

Sink into
Look purposely
For the unexpected.

Notice how you
Move into
Beginners Mind
When you
Expect the Unexpected.

Isn’t life fun???


That which is needed
For this new world
We live in.

Exhale who you used to be,
Inhale the integrated you.

Watch resistance dissolve
As ease transforms.


Make a list of all
The different ways
You can uplevel
Your life.

Actively live three
Of the ones
You are most
Passionate about.


Just do it!
No special circumstances are necessary…

Become the Laugh…
Let the Laugh
Laugh you!

And whatever you do,
Don’t notice how terrific you feel!

Dedicated to Trish on her 91st bday.

It’s time to stop waiting…

It’s time to stop waiting
For it to be over.
Life goes on,
Albeit differently now.

It’s been a year.
And in spite of it all…
Do it anyway.
Do that which you said you would
But haven’t…

This is no time
To squander your life.