Making the invisible visible

Like a terma or treasure your resources for the future are waiting to be discovered.

How to prepare and make room for these invisible resources to become visible?

Let go of that which is not needed in your life. For instance old belief systems, habits that no longer serve or a narrative that has been exaggerated.

Then notice how the invisible has been visible all along.

The Passion of the Day

To get back into life’s rhythm…
To live fully in this day…
To unfold in this sacred moment…
Live what you are most passionate about.


Exploring the Silent Spaces each morning at 6am Mountain…

Join colleagues from around the world to meditate and “Explore the Silent Spaces of Infinite Mindset” each day from 6am – 6:30am Mountain. Our sixth week begins tomorrow. It has become a refuge for many of us. You are more than welcome to join

The Zoom room opens around 5:45am Mountain. Come early and settle in. Then at 6am we begin. Here is the registration link which will give you the Zoom link:

The “Just This Tree”

I invite you to sit and lean up against the trunk of your favorite tree.
Breathing in Just.
Exhaling This.

Leaning in, let the tree support you.
Breathing in Just.
Exhaling This.
Just This.

As you are swallowed up in Just This-ness...
Notice the gifts that surround you.

And there will be tears…

Give yourself permission to tear up, to weep, to wail.
Let the tears flows.

As loss occurs, allow grief to enter as your ally.
The challenges , stresses and uncertainties begin to reframe.

A new wisdom is birthed.
The strength of Beginners Mind is liberated.

Are You on Hold?

Holding your breath? Holding out until “this is over”? Holding off until more is revealed?

I challenge you to get off hold and answer Life to your fullest. You can do this. We can do this. Aren’t you curious about what is around the corner?

Let’s get off hold and explore Beginners Mind!

What’s alive in you?

Is it a thought? An image? A sound? Something else? What is it?
What is alive in you?

Being mindful does not mean you become an internal blank slate.
It does mean that you bear witness to the mental continuum within.

One way to investigate the mind is to ask yourself, What is alive in me?
At the top of every waking hour and notice what arises.