People who meditate
Create getting to the cushion
As easy as possible.

For instance:
They meditate at the same time and place each day.
There are no exceptions.
There are no negotiations.
There is no putting it off.

Meditators are disciplined
In sitting on the cushion daily
Because ultimately
The experience beckons them.

Which means meditation
Is more than an activity.
Meditation is our ally, mentor
And spiritual teacher.

Meditation Practice

Just like as wee ones we practiced walking…
So we practice meditation.

Each day,
At the same time,
We find ourselves
Sitting on the cushion,
Breathing deeply,
Watching our thoughts,
Checking in with our bodies,
Going beyond the beyond…
All in awareness.

Unless, of course, we don’t!
And that, too, is practice.

The practice of returning again and again
To awareness
On and off the cushion.

I encourage you to get to your cushion
Each day..,.no negotiation…and practice.

201228 • Returning to the practice again and again • Ann-Marie

Upgrading You…

Just like with computers and other devices
Software updates are needed for your bio-computer
To create less suffering in your life.

Over this upcoming week I encourage you
To be aware of when you feel
Out of sync with your life…
When you feel separated…
When the Unknown feels fearful.

Write it down and find the antidotes.
Then update your bio-computer
With positive and honest self-talk,
New ways of thinking,
Maybe even a new identity
That is copacetic with
Your 2020 teachings of life.

Don’t believe everything you think.

Monkey Mind, Inner Critic and Gremlin are grand manipulators.
They will put you into trance by giving you an outdated belief system.

Be aware of their ploys and how they manage you.
Remember ~ Utilize antidotes.
Remember ~ Meditate and get underneath it all.
Remember ~ Do not take your life personally.
Remember ~ Don’t believe everything you think.

To Avoid Trance-like Behavior…

It’s all about Mind Training.

Consciously stand tall with big heart:
Somatically, mindfully, creatively

Check in with yourself.
Stay in this moment
And do not indulge in Monkey MInd’s
Past or future triggers.

To avoid going into trance be aware of ~
•What thoughts you are running.
•What feelings you are experiencing.
•What images are arising
from the dead past or the imagined future.

Shake your body to keep the qi circulating..
Listen to your body’s wisdom.
Find antidotes to the trances.

Remember: This is not a time for lassitude,