If you penetrate one barrier, there is another.

Daikyu Ebo (1715-1774)

This reminder is a map of life.  If we consider a challenge, an obstruction, a barrier as a prevention of our destination then it will prevent us moving forward.

By re-framing the barrier into a part of the journey’s map we skip over the disgruntlement, the despair. Instead it’s just part of life to observe and continue moving forward.

Henricus Hondius, Antique Double Hemisphere Map, c. 1630. Image in the public domain.

Meditation is called “practice” because practice is required daily to train for an awakened existence.

Daily, I must penetrate these barriers, to live the life of liberation.  This is what gets me to my cushion each day…I call it Cushion Wisdom!

For Truth to Emerge

In the midst of all this magical thinking how does one find the truth? 

An Answer

  • Pause
  • Relax
  • Open
  • Trust what arises
  • Listen deeply
  • Speak the truth to yourself

How will I know…?

Walking in snow
I look back at footprints.

Wind arrives 
Erasing the past.

Who am I now?

I wonder about this life.
Will this be it?
How will I know when it’s okay to be satisfied?

Suzuki Harunobu (Japanese). Young Woman Admiring a Snow Rabbit. Late 1760s. Color woodblock print with embossing. Cleveland Museum of Art. Image in the public domain.