One more thing about an Accountability Partner

…not only do they hold you accountable for what you will do, but they also help you be reasonable about what you will do!

For instance, you might say “I commit to going through all the files today in the closet until I am finished.”

Your Accountability Partner may challenge you (a coaching skill) to commit to 15 minutes. And then if you want to keep going, do another 15. And if you want to keep going, another 15.

In this way you will achieve your goal….and feel good about yourself!

Accountability Partner

To have some one at our back listening deeply and encouraging us to manifest our next action step motivates us to follow through.

Working with an Accountabiity Partner means transforming a commitment into a satisfying win. It also means that someone cares.

If you don’t have one already, find an Accountability Partner. Then prepare yourself for what happens next….OMG!

“Go get ’em, Tiger!”

Until January 7, 2020…

…I am committed to living life without reading, watching, listening and discussing current world events.

Instead I will do The Three Treasures Practice at the top of the hour for one minute and include it in my daily shamatha practice.

Here is the link for The Three Treasures Practice and Study abstract.

Posting this commitment is being accountable to yesterday’s Mentor Coaching Class with Jeanna as my coach, Meg, Jim and Anne-Sophie as witnessing colleagues.

Buzz me an email if you would like to join me sans news while incorporating The Three Treasures Practice.