Follow your energy!

Just for the next hour…
Follow the energy that is alive in you.

How to do this?
•Open to what is.
•Trust what is emerging.
•Listen deeply.
•Speak your truth.
•Breathe into the energy emanating.
•Let this energy guide you as your next actions unfold,

A note:
Monkey Mind, Inner Critic and Gremlin are not invited
To enter into this sacred space you have created.

Instead follow the aliveness
Bearing witness to all that is.

Revisiting a Favorite Place

The memories flood through:
Study Buddies whispering across the table.
Unknown authors randomly discovered on shelves.
Poems and essays vibrating new ways of thinking.
The wisdom of Dante and Socrates beckoning
the timelessness of life.

Meem Library, St. John’s College 200131 • Ann-Marie

Now decades later
With fresh eyes and little time left
I am back.

Aliveness thrives in this moment.