What are you putting in motion?

What chain of events are you perpetuating on this 27th day of January, 2021? 

Ask your Future Self how these events might evolve one year from now on the 27th day of January, 2022.

Pausing your active life for a moment…
Give your full attenton to your Future Self..

What are you aware of…

Keep checking in…

…so you don’t check out…

At the top of each hour ask yourself…
“What’s alive in me right now?”

And listen to the Answer of Awareness.

A Simple Mantra

I am not my thoughts.
I am the awareness of my thoughts.
I am the Artist of My Creation.

You are not your thoughts.
Your are the awareness of your thoughts.
You are the Artist of Your Creation.

We are not our thoughts.
We are the awareness of our thoughts.
We are the Artist of Our Creations.

Changing energy fields

Once the decision is made….jump into it!
No second guessing. Don’t even consider remorse.
Just do it!
It can always be tweaked later.

What are you aware of?

There is no dress rehearsal…

Each day we do our best…
And then at night we reflect.
In the morning,
Through awareness,
Our best is what we give.

There is no dress rehearsal.
We are doing an “in the moment ensemble”.
May we stay true to our heartlines
And give life and ourselves the best we can.

Where the Mind Goes…the Qi goes!

Be aware of what you are focusing on today.
Be attentive to what you are cultivating.
Be focused on your intentions.
Keep reining in your MonkeyMind.

Stay determined and courageous
Remembering ~
Where the Mind goes, the Qi goes.

This is not a time for lassitude…

Keep your awareness strongly steeped in Love
As you move forward with intention.

Do not squander your life nor another’s
Through inactivity and paralysis.

This is not a time for lassitude.

Laugh Yourself Into a New Perspective

Spoiler Alert: This is FUN!

Ready for a fun 30 second exercise?
Set your timer and…
Laugh! Giggle! Snort! Chuckle! Guffaw! LOL!
(Loud…and long…and clear!)

At 30 seconds immediately go into silence.
Observe your body.
Witness what is alive in you.
Notice your current perspective
And move into your day.

How many times each day?
Many of our students do it at the top of each waking hour for 30 seconds…
You do what works for you.

Let me know what evolves…or dissolves!