What dance is dancing you?

September 2, 1993 I witnessed Mikhail Baryshnikov become the dance at the Santa Fe Opera. I wept as the sun went down over the Jemez Mountains and the dance danced him. It was a sacred, holy time. He. Was. The. Dance.

Becoming the dance didn’t happen miraculously for him that early fall evening. It took years of practice, discipline, and inspriation. It took finding mentors. It took staying focused. It took sacrificing and saying no in order to say yes to the dance, one hundred percent.

What have you become? And who are you becoming? What are you practicing? What are you focusing on? What are you sacrificing so you can say yes to your dance?

An evolving image

We are not who we have been.
We are who we are becoming.
And sometimes it looks messy!

La Posada: A Fred Harvey Hotel • Winslow, Arizona 190601