Engage in Just This

Sometimes it is all about
Stepping into Life wholeheartedly

With the curiosity of Beginners Mind…
The courage to Live in the Unknown…
And the confidence that every single. thing
Brings lessons for your practice.

Knowing this…
Engage fully today.
Be open to what arises.
Surrender to Just This.

With fresh eyes…

Sink into
Look purposely
For the unexpected.

Notice how you
Move into
Beginners Mind
When you
Expect the Unexpected.

Isn’t life fun???


Let go of a Fixed Mindset and step into a Growth Mindset.
Live from Beginners Mind with fresh eyes.
Move into seeing the world with a spacious view.

What happens when you “Change Your View”?

Imagine ~ Living in Beginners Mind…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one.

~Imagine living with fresh eyes and an openness to what is happening right now.
~Imagine engaging wholeheartedly in life without judgement.
~Imagine showing up and being seen for what you believe.
~Imagine…and then make it happen. A great combo!

#2 Love Letter to Life

Life, you’ve seemed older these past months, even serious and withdrawn at times.

Yet today I witnessed you ageless with the lightness of Beginners Mind wisdom. My heart leapt!
It was then I recognized I had been the serious and withdrawn one, not you.

Life, you are my Beloved Teacher. Please don’t give up on me as I learn to walk uncharted territories with the lightness of Beginners Mind.

As though for the first time…

Beginners Mind is an open state of awareness. It is where belief systems are no longer fed by the past nor the imagined future.

It’s Just This.
It’s What Is.
It’s Here Now.
It is the Thusness of Life.

May you now live in Beginners Mind.

And there will be tears…

Give yourself permission to tear up, to weep, to wail.
Let the tears flows.

As loss occurs, allow grief to enter as your ally.
The challenges , stresses and uncertainties begin to reframe.

A new wisdom is birthed.
The strength of Beginners Mind is liberated.

Are You on Hold?

Holding your breath? Holding out until “this is over”? Holding off until more is revealed?

I challenge you to get off hold and answer Life to your fullest. You can do this. We can do this. Aren’t you curious about what is around the corner?

Let’s get off hold and explore Beginners Mind!

Leapfrogging time!

When the Monkey Mind, Inner Critic and Gremlin have you looking at the world through a limited viewpoint…leapfrog over and land in Beginners Mind where everything is possible.

No one knows what will happen next. And we aren’t sure what just happened.

Bottomline: Live in this moment participating fully. When necessary leapfrog over all thought forms that are Spirit Killers.

This is another form of mind training. Remain diligent.

For silent support ~
Join colleagues from around the world to meditate and “Explore the Silent Spaces of Infinite Mindset” each day from 6am – 6:30am Mountain. Our sixth week begins tomorrow. It has become a refuge for many of us. You are more than welcome to join us.

The Zoom room opens around 5:45am Mountain. Come early and settle in. Then at 6am we begin. Here is the registration link which will give you the Zoom link:

Teachers and Students

Sometimes we choose our teachers.
Sometimes our teachers choose us.

In both cases when we enter as a student ~
Living in Beginners Mind
Trusting the Mysteries
Walking in Unknown Territory ~
The world we live in
Becomes Infinitely miraculous.

To be Life’s student
Trust the knowingness of Life.

There is not one atom against you.