Choosing wisely….

What belief system are you viewing the world through?
What beliefs are making your decisions?
What beliefs will your future self follow?

May your wisdom choose wisely.

The best way to enjoy what is…

Let go of old belief systems preventing you from enjoying what is right now. Create a new belief that is a natural antidote to the old belief.

For instance, you were going on a remote picnic at the end of the day. But now it’s drizzling! Your old belief system says, “I can’t go on a picnic when it’s drizzling.” What is the antidote?

Align with “what is” by swiftly and consciouslessly choosing the antidote that rises above the “Ain’t It Awful Syndrome”. What are the antidotes when you are tired of wearing the mask and gloves? Not going to a live music concert? Tired of the physical distancing? Tired of…whatever! What are the antidotes?

You have a choice to evolve or dissove with the changes happening throughout our world. Choose your beliefs wisely and remember to go for the antidote!

2020 Vision

Mom had 2020 vision.  On high desert hikes she was the one who found the arrowheads and pottery shards. 

“How do you always find them?” I asked peering through my prescription sunglasses.

“I know they are there.  I just relax, watch the ground and know I will find at least one,” she would say confidently. This was her belief system.

To meet our 2020 goals we must have 2020 vision. 
•The clarity to see what is in front of us.
•The determination to see different points of view. 
•The trust to be expansive with perceptive intuition.
•The resilience to see what at first cannot be seen.
•The perseverence to continue focusing.
•The courage to relax and change glasses!

Always the choice to view life through another pair of glasses!
That’s why I have so many!

A mindful practice for 2020 Vision and Beliefs:
•Write down your goals for 2020.
•Choose the one most important to you.
•What is your personal belief system regarding this goal and its’ attainment?
•With Beginners Mind create beliefs that work for you, not against you. 
•Let your 2020 vision and belief system collaborate.
•Do the necessary action steps with trust and relaxation.
•With fresh eyes watch the manifestation.

May 2020 bring you the blessings that have always been in front of you…but you just weren’t able to see them!