An Infinite Mindset

As the mind grasps for stability, safety and security
In a world that feels more unknown than ever…
Here is an antidote ~

Walk purposely under the moon.
Exhale all that is not needed.
Breathe in the moonlight.
Breathe in the stars.
Breathe in infinity.

Barn Owl Agreement

My outer life is a reflection of my inner life.

Each time she exhales her short screech into the dark night I exhale all that is not needed. She is a balm spreading over this night of unreined thoughts.

She connects me to the dark skies as they lighten in the east reminding me the sun will rise yet again over the Sangre de Cristos of my mind.

My outer life is a reflection of my inner life. Ann-Marie from My Commitment Credo

Finding stability in an unstable world

One antidote is to simply let the breath guide us into stability. Sit like a strong mountain inhaling and exhaling slowly for five minutes.

Sitting upright like a mountain in the midst of instability.
Southern Colorado 190820

Over time as you focus and cultivate your practice increase the breathwork from five minutes once a day to five minutes three times a day.

As you cultivate this skill your mind and body will engage in calmness and relaxation. It is truly common to feel the stability of a mountain as you continue to practice. Your thoughts will slow down and retire to the back plateau of your mind.