Let go of a Fixed Mindset and step into a Growth Mindset.
Live from Beginners Mind with fresh eyes.
Move into seeing the world with a spacious view.

What happens when you “Change Your View”?

Changing energy fields

Once the decision is made….jump into it!
No second guessing. Don’t even consider remorse.
Just do it!
It can always be tweaked later.

What are you aware of?

More on the dance…

To determine what dance is dancing you…look who you have become.

If you find your dance is not a reflection of who you want to be…
Change the music
Restructure the choreography of your life
Leap into the air of changes
Become the dance you have always known was there.

Let the dance dance you.

Change in Progress

Like Wind
Hail was heard
Before it arrived.

Rain followed—
Cleansing, purifying
All that was not needed.

Which are you today?
Wind? Hail? Rain?

All are necessary.

It’s going to be messy

As impermanence leads the way, change is close behind. This is when the messiness erupts. It is like opening the junk drawer where nothing makes sense.

Yes, it’s going to be messy, but, don’t give up before the miracle happens. It will sort itself out.

And then it will become messy again as impermanence continues.

Mindful Practice
•Breathe into the messiness.
•Know it is happening at exactlly the right time.
•Breathe out all that is not needed. Breath in the sense of emptiness.
•Continue breathing in and out.
•Watch the messiness dissolve in both your inner and outer world.
•Continue bearing witness and watch as impermanence, change and messiness all begin again!

I love hearing your awakening stories…keep sending them on!