Following through…

We promise ourselves so many things. Sometimes we forget the follow through to make it a reality.

Remember: You are your oldest and dearest friend. Without following through on self-commitment we turn our backs on ourselves and forget who we are.

Challenge: Each day this week fulfill a promise you have made to yourself and follow through.

One more thing about an Accountability Partner

…not only do they hold you accountable for what you will do, but they also help you be reasonable about what you will do!

For instance, you might say “I commit to going through all the files today in the closet until I am finished.”

Your Accountability Partner may challenge you (a coaching skill) to commit to 15 minutes. And then if you want to keep going, do another 15. And if you want to keep going, another 15.

In this way you will achieve your goal….and feel good about yourself!

It can always be tweaked!

Today is the day to commit….and tweak!

Commit to the big one. The little one. The one you committed to years ago and forgot about. Commit to the one that still lives in you. Choose and commit!

Every thing is tweaked once the commitment has been made.

Commit! Move forward. Feel what it is like on this side.

I’m in. You?

(Pssst….How to jump over the fear? Remind your Monkey Mind and Inner Critic it can always be tweaked!)