Unleash your courage and create. It’s time!

By putting our attitude into an Infinite Mindset, where everything is possible and everything has potential, our creativity blossoms and manifests.

What are you ready to create? What has been whispering in your ear? What has been pulling at your sleeve?

I challenge you to unleash your courage, fly past objections and move into creating a new world.

What energies are you mailing out into the Universe?

Stop and ask yourself, “Is this the energy that I want to mail to others?”

And if not…
Settle the mind with breath.
Once settled ask yourself, “What is my next best action step?”
Listen, trust and follow through.

Bottomline: Imagine if collectively we mailed resiliency, compassion, creativity, ingenuity, trust and love into the Universe.

I’m in. You?

200309 Remain Calm. We are One. • Ann-Marie

To heal and realign…

To heal and realign requires listening into the silence, the diligence to respond to what is needed, and mucho patience.

It is a time for trust and confident courage
•To contemplate the next best thing
•To think the next best thought
•To manifest the next best action

…all of which is simply the outer manifestation of an inner state of being.

Bottomline: Healing and realigning is an inside job!