Engage in Just This

Sometimes it is all about
Stepping into Life wholeheartedly

With the curiosity of Beginners Mind…
The courage to Live in the Unknown…
And the confidence that every single. thing
Brings lessons for your practice.

Knowing this…
Engage fully today.
Be open to what arises.
Surrender to Just This.

Walking Within the Enso of Hope

Walk with Hope today. No matter the outcome, live this moment.
Notice how Hope uplevels your consciousness and gives you fresh eyes to view the world, both internally and externally.

Bow deep and bear witness to Hope.
Engage in her wisdom.

201108 • Walking within the Enso of Hope • Ann-Marie

Tomorrow at 6:27 am Mountain…

I will ask each meditator who has been sitting for 27 minutes,
“How will you contribute to the world today?”

Why do I ask?
Because this is not a time on our beloved planet to indulge in lassitude.
This is a time to rise to the occasion. And then rise higher.

Meditation and mindfulness is about being engaged 100%
First within our inner landscape to find balance and alignment
Then into the outer landscape where we engage and contribute .

How will you engage in and contribute to the world today?


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