Staying focused ~ A mindfulness practice

Monkey Mind’s nature is to jump from one thought to the next.
Gremlin’s nature is to ruthlessly bully you.
Inner Critic’s nature is to question your abilities to move forward.

By keeping you unfocused, defensive and paralyzed your life becomes blocked with stagnant qi.

Top of the Hour Breath Meditation.
Focus on and activate your breath.
Inhale deeply. Exhale deeper.
Keep your awareness with your breath

Purposefully LeapFrog over Monkey Mind, Gremlin and Inner Critic’s destructive comments.

No need to linger.
This is Mind Training at its’ best!

What shall be the focus?

The fires? the smoke?
The drought? The heat?
The pandemic? The isolation?
The good guys? The bad guys?

What will it take for you
To bottom out
On what isn’t working,
To see what is working?

Imagine the focus
Is what is arising
Out of the ashes.

Imagine the focus
Is resiliency
New and better ways of being.

How are you perceiving your world now?

Where the Mind Goes…the Qi goes!

Be aware of what you are focusing on today.
Be attentive to what you are cultivating.
Be focused on your intentions.
Keep reining in your MonkeyMind.

Stay determined and courageous
Remembering ~
Where the Mind goes, the Qi goes.

“A Wandering Mind Is An Unhappy Mind”

Harvard researchers concluded A Wandering Mind Is An Unhappy Mind based on studying the daily focus and mood of thousands of peoples.

It was discovered that when the mind is unfocused it defaults to what hasn’t worked in our lives.

What is the antidote? A focused mind. A focused mind is a happy mind.

When your mind wonders, rein it in by focusing on your breath, a mantra, a mandala or a project. Let yourself be immersed. Get into the flow of focus.

Scientific evidence shows focus quiets the monkey mind, down-regulates the nervous system and increases our abilities to be attentive to others and less on ourselves.

The less focused we are on ourselves the happier and more content we are.