Whales, Laughter and Oneness

When was a time your Heart and Spirit
Felt wholeheartedly

For me
It was swimming in the Pacific
With my son
A few miles off the Maui shore.

It was just the two of us until
A Mama whale began
Singing to her calf
In the deep waters.

The gentle waves combined with
The singing, embodied us
With a sense of happy wonder.
Our happiness evolved
Into a Meditation of Oneness.

I visit this memory often.
Why? Because it nourishes me
And when I do, I feel happy.

As you bring up your memory
In your mind’s eye
Notice. everything. single. thing.
Feel into it.
Breathe into it.
Embody it.

Highlight this memory in
Your mind’s eye
Tracking it from
Beginning to end.

This is your go-to
When your Heart and Spirt
Are aching to be nourished.

Happiness is fun, isn’t it!