What do you know by heart?

Remember reciting poetry and songs?
Remember saying, “I know it by heart!”?

Today what do you know by heart?
What is that heart of yours sharing with you?
LIsten deeper. Embody it.

Express what you know by heart.
Without apologies. Without explanations.
Without seeking approval.

Express these new whisperings.
Let your heart raise your consciousness.
May you be courageous as you rise
And then like with all evolving good things
Take it to the streets
And share like a spiritual warrior..

Starting with your own heart…

Gentleness and kindness start at home. We begin with our own heart. When we are kind and gentle with ourselves, we naturally offer this gentle kindness to all beings we meet.

How do you remember to be present and loving with yourself?

Strong Heart

Each moment information is delivered to your heart.

Take a moment. This moment. Find your pulse. Listen.
Listen to the rhythm ~the beat ~the gaps of strength between the beat.
Listen for your heart’s wisdom.

Enso of Strength • Acrylic on paper • Ann-Marie 2019

What are you hearing…

Let yourself be heart embodied.