Sometimes you just have to wait it out…

You were responsible.
You completed all that was needed.
You showed up wholeheartedly.
Now you just have to wait it out
With rest, fluids, gentle stretches and meditation.

As you live into
The fever, the body aches and the chills…
Whatever the moment brings,
Embody it with the help of your breath.
Let go with the help of mantra-ing:
This too shall pass.

•Life has its’ own timing.
•.Everything in life is impermanent.

A deep bow to the second Moderna vaccine shot for help in writing this blog!

Change in Progress

Like Wind
Hail was heard
Before it arrived.

Rain followed—
Cleansing, purifying
All that was not needed.

Which are you today?
Wind? Hail? Rain?

All are necessary.

Knowing you will die, how then shall you live today?

Death might be right around the corner. Knowing this, what are three things you will do or be today?

  1. ________________________________________________________.
  2. ________________________________________________________
  3. ________________________________________________________

Remember: Do not squander your life.

Time to Shift!

We know more about what this is about now. We know it’s unfolding. We know more will be revealed.

We know the demons. The fears. The difficulties. The death. The frustrations. The cabin fever. We know what works and what doesn’t. And in many ways we know too much.

While you are in lock-down I challenge you to shift wholeheartedly and begin having a frolicking good time. Laugh just for the sake of laughter. Dance for the sake of dancing. LIve to the fullest in a new way and notice what emerges.

Have fun…go for it. Even if only for five minutes. Let me know what happens for you!

And Poof!

Without warning impermanence waves it’s wand and change occurs. The stability we had relied upon has dissolved…or is it the illusion of stability that has dissolved?

Bottomline: Life is impermanent. To tell ourselves othewise is perpetuating an illusion.

Knowing this….how shall you live your life today?

Okay…enough frivolity…

Time to get back at it! Sun is beginning to go down…

Class files of yesteryear, writing snippets, old love letters, memories upon memories…where is this present moment!

Three hours in…and it doesn’t look like there’s been any accomplishment!

What is the antidote?

Stand Tall with Big Heart ~Somatically, Mindfully, Creatively, Unceasingly!
Inhale deep and exhale deeper remembering this situation is impermanent!

Here we go!

Join me?

It’s going to be messy

As impermanence leads the way, change is close behind. This is when the messiness erupts. It is like opening the junk drawer where nothing makes sense.

Yes, it’s going to be messy, but, don’t give up before the miracle happens. It will sort itself out.

And then it will become messy again as impermanence continues.

Mindful Practice
•Breathe into the messiness.
•Know it is happening at exactlly the right time.
•Breathe out all that is not needed. Breath in the sense of emptiness.
•Continue breathing in and out.
•Watch the messiness dissolve in both your inner and outer world.
•Continue bearing witness and watch as impermanence, change and messiness all begin again!

I love hearing your awakening stories…keep sending them on!