REFUSE to live in the jar of fear!

Sit on your cushion.
Contemplate what it is like to find the hidden depths of yourself.
Feel into this Infinite Mindset.

Live from those depths today.
Forge strong connections with your inner and outer worlds…
Again….and again….and again
One moment at a time.

REFUSE to live in the jar of fear.
Burst out and breathe!

Unleash your courage and create. It’s time!

By putting our attitude into an Infinite Mindset, where everything is possible and everything has potential, our creativity blossoms and manifests.

What are you ready to create? What has been whispering in your ear? What has been pulling at your sleeve?

I challenge you to unleash your courage, fly past objections and move into creating a new world.

An Invitation for You…!

Join colleagues from around the world to meditate and “Explore the Silent Spaces of Infinite Mindset” each day from 6am – 6:30am Mountain.

We are beginning our third week and it has become a refuge for many of us.

The Zoom room opens around 5:50am Mountain. So come early and settle in. Then at 6am we begin.

Here is the link :

If you have any questions…or feel a bit shy in coming alone… call my direct line at the school: 505-989-3374 and we can talk.

Deep bow to you…

The Learning Curve of Not Knowing…

As we adapt and integrate into this new way of life
Remember to be kind and reassuring to yourself
Just as you would be to a newborn.

For that is what we are….Newborns ~
Born anew into this ever-changing world.

We are learning how to rigorously train our minds
Even deeper than before
And navigate this steep learning curve
To Live. In. This. Moment.

Join us daily to meditate and “Explore the Silent Spaces of Infinite Mindset” from 6am – 6:30am Mountain. Come explore and witness with colleagues from around the world. It’s become a refuge for many of us.

Here is the link :

The Apocalyptic Mind

When the “What-Ifs of Fear” throws you into the Apocalyptic Mindset ~
Imagine a Stop Sign in your mind’s eye.
Redirect your thoughts by breathing into the Serenity Prayer:
Grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change
The courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.

Breathe into and live from this Infinite Mindset.
•Remember who you truly are by presencing the love that emerges with youself and your Beloveds.

Join us each morning for our daily meditation, “Exploring the Silent Spaces of Infinite Mindset” from 6am – 6:30am Mountain. Come explore and witness with colleagues from around the world.

Here is the link :

All that we have learned…

Bring in the teachings over these many years and lifetimes to recreate your life based on the ingredients of today.

Rein in your Monkey Mind, the Inner and Outer Critic, and that Gremlin. Come into this moment with a spacious Infinite Mindset.

To cultivate this new way of living on our planet you are invited each day from 6am-6:30am Mountain to sit silentlly as we explore and glean pertinent wisdom from the silent spaces.

An Infinite Mindset

As the mind grasps for stability, safety and security
In a world that feels more unknown than ever…
Here is an antidote ~

Walk purposely under the moon.
Exhale all that is not needed.
Breathe in the moonlight.
Breathe in the stars.
Breathe in infinity.