Time to Shift!

We know more about what this is about now. We know it’s unfolding. We know more will be revealed.

We know the demons. The fears. The difficulties. The death. The frustrations. The cabin fever. We know what works and what doesn’t. And in many ways we know too much.

While you are in lock-down I challenge you to shift wholeheartedly and begin having a frolicking good time. Laugh just for the sake of laughter. Dance for the sake of dancing. LIve to the fullest in a new way and notice what emerges.

Have fun…go for it. Even if only for five minutes. Let me know what happens for you!

Part II: Laughing Yourself Into A New Perspective

It’s been close to two hours. Have you done the 30 second laugh? If not, leap into this mind training exercise.

I know…I’m being a bit pushy. Yet this is not a time for an attitude of lassitude. Instead it’s a time to be liberated from a lower state of conscious.

Give yourself this simple, potent gift. Go for it. I am with you grinning wildly!

Laugh out what has been prohibiting you.
•The frustration, confusion, sadness, grief, annoyance, fear, anger, hopelessness…
•The energies you took in that aren’t yours
•The somatic tension, constriction, numbness, tightness

Laugh it out into the Universe. Sense the transformation. Walk into the world with this freshness.

Now what do you notice?!