Life’s tests…

When they will come, we never know.
But they do come…
Sometimes fast,
Sometimes slow.

What we know is this…
By upleveling and cultivating our belief system
We are up for the challenge
We are up for the test.

Be patient with yourself.
Breathe into the moment.
Exhale out all that is not needed.
Navigate the best you can.
Stand up tall.
Face it.
Move forward…

And remember…what other people think of you is none of your business!

So don’t stop before you are half way through…
The other side is waiting for you!

Are You on Hold?

Holding your breath? Holding out until “this is over”? Holding off until more is revealed?

I challenge you to get off hold and answer Life to your fullest. You can do this. We can do this. Aren’t you curious about what is around the corner?

Let’s get off hold and explore Beginners Mind!

Teachers and Students

Sometimes we choose our teachers.
Sometimes our teachers choose us.

In both cases when we enter as a student ~
Living in Beginners Mind
Trusting the Mysteries
Walking in Unknown Territory ~
The world we live in
Becomes Infinitely miraculous.

To be Life’s student
Trust the knowingness of Life.

There is not one atom against you.