How do we know when we have enough?

200311 • Empty bins in bulk foods • Ann-Marie McKelvey

How do we know when we have enough?
How do we know when we are prepared enough?
How do we know when it is good enough?

As we reinvent our lives for this new chapter
Remember to prepare yourself each morning
By purposely sitting quietly on the cushion
Breathing in and out
Creating the Unknown as your ally.

And remember…together we are a strong mandala!

This evening
the Woman in the Moon
swallowed me
into her mandala.

I wonder…
When my expiration date arrives
will I have lived enough
to swallow life’s mandala
into my fullness?

190912 Moon over El Dorado

I Did It! I Met the Deadline!

Or did “I”?

Mac brainstormed another way to hold and apply the brush.
Lydia advised which type of canvas was best and why.
Brittany gave me protected space.
T-Bird showed me the Aisle of Iridescence.
David reminded me to unplug. Totally.
Dr. Sam aka Simmone coached me to get to the other side.
Catherine rephotographed at the last minute to meet the 7″ x 7″, 300 dpi requirements.
Zana was my listening ear when the gremlins needed to be put onto the back parking lot.

“I” didn’t do it. It was the Strong Mountain Mandala that did it.

“I” was just fortunate to be at the center of the mandala this time around.

Ann-Marie McKelvey, The Simplicity of Zen, acrylic on canvas, 2019.