Meditation Snacks

Train yourself
Throughout the day to
Activate short
Meditation Snacks.

For instance:
At the top of the hour
Pause and listen
For 30 seconds.
Prior to each meal
Honor the beings
Who grew and made
Your food
Twice a day
For five minutes
Do kinhin outside
No matter what the weather.
At Sunrise and Sunset
Purposely bow
In the four directions
To every single thing.

Meditation Snacks nourish us.
Make them simple
To be digested easily.

Utilizing Zen Mind

Embrace the struggle without question.
Watch how accepting what is
Dissolves the rough edges
Creating more spaciousness  
For the antidotes to arrive.

Read the above a few times letting the energies of the words seep into your soma.

Choosing Buddha Nature

Just for today
Align with Buddha Nature.

Allow Buddha Nature
To guide you
In your thoughts
In your actions
In your speech
In your meditations
And mindfulness practices.

Do not abandon yourself
For distractions of the world…
Stay focused with
Living Buddha Nature.

Now watch the alignment of
Love, forgiveness and understanding unfold
Along with a twinkle in your eye!

Fearlessness and Discernment

Fearlessness and discernment keep each other balanced.
As a spiritual warrior fearlessness is essential.
As a spiritual warrior discernment is necessary.
As they shake hands together
Notice the confidence you have in life…
Once again.

Keep checking in…

…so you don’t check out…

At the top of each hour ask yourself…
“What’s alive in me right now?”

And listen to the Answer of Awareness.


I’m excited ! Tomorrow winter classes begin at the Mindfulness Coaching School .

If you are ready to take a class or classes on mindfulness, coaching, positive psychology, EMDR, NonViolent Communication and somatic coaching this upcoming Winter Quarter check out our academic calendar.

If you are wanting to be a credentialed coach…come! If you are wanting to do your own personal inner work…come! If you are wanting to create a retreat for yourself, choose a class(es) and delve deep for eight to twelve weeks…come!

Bottomline: This is going to be one of those quarters….I can feel it. Join us…I think you’ll be surprised on what emerges!

From my heart to your heart with a deep bow,

P.S. Tomorrow (Monday) night is also the Mindfulness Coaching Call at 5pm Mountain. It’s our gift to the global coaching community. This month it is hosted by our faculty member and admissions coach, Liv Syptak. Click for the link to register.

Strong Heart

Each moment information is delivered to your heart.

Take a moment. This moment. Find your pulse. Listen.
Listen to the rhythm ~the beat ~the gaps of strength between the beat.
Listen for your heart’s wisdom.

Enso of Strength • Acrylic on paper • Ann-Marie 2019

What are you hearing…

Let yourself be heart embodied.