Call the ones who want the best for you…

Ask them to listen to your ideas on how to live in this brand new world.
Ask them to encourage you.
Ask them to tell you why you and your ideas will succeed.

Rally your Beloveds.
Ask them to remind you (especially when you have forgotten)
Why you are perfect to live in this mysterious and unfolding world!

Then…reverse roles.
You be the listener, the reminder, the supporter….the coach.

It’s all about takin’ it to the streets with that adventuresome spirit of hope, proactiveness, and evolution. It’s about using our moral compass to follow our North Star. It’s about being the change agent.

To learn more about coaching, check out Mindfulness Coaching School.
And remember ~
It’s never too late to be who you might have been!

It’s never too late to be what you might have been…

This is not a time to hesitate.
Jump into the life you have always wanted to live.
Walk confidently into this new world that has emerged.
Let your moral compass lead your actions.
Give yourself permission to love what is.

Within this new world is your new life.
Find it and live it.
Say yes to it and watch how your life soars.

True North

When changes are occuring rapidly may we give ourselves moments throughout the day to stop, pause, listen….and contemplate.

May we show up and be seen engaging with our moral compass as it leads us in the direction of true north.