Make a list of all
The different ways
You can uplevel
Your life.

Actively live three
Of the ones
You are most
Passionate about.

The Passion of the Day

To get back into life’s rhythm…
To live fully in this day…
To unfold in this sacred moment…
Live what you are most passionate about.


The Lake of a Thousand Dreams

Once upon a time in a land not so far away there lived a princess: bright, strong, independent, Her palace overlooked the Lake of a Thousand Dreams, yet she was unable to dream passion, balance and light-heartedness into her world.

The Princess suffered. One day she would be alive with happiness in what life gave her, the next day dying in hopelessness from what she saw in the world.

This story is about how she found and lived the three-fold dream of passion, balance and light-heartedness no matter what life gave her. This story is how she became Queen.

Lake of a Thousand Dreams aka Abiquiu Lake, New Mexico • Captured by Wendy Wagner