Stretching to Embrace It All

This past year has been
Filled with ~
Questioning • Skepticism • Reevaluating
Trusting • Masking • Zooming
Fearing • Evolving

As we have stretched to
Embrace it all
We have found new purpose…
Discovered new meaning…
And for many,
A new commitment
To Right Livelihood
Has emerged.

Stretching to embrace life • Dow Gardens • Midland, Michigan • Ann-Marie

Tomorrow, Monday, March 15
In the afternoon
Our S-T-R-E-T-C-H class
Begins via Zoom.

If you are ready to explore a
New avenue of Right Livelihood,
One that opens your heart into a lifestyle
Of contribution, integrity and meaning
Click this link…

We are a small transformational
School and community
Based on mindfulness, wellness
And somatic coaching
Along with Positive Psychology, NVC, and EMDR.

This is our Mission Statement:
In a world that reinvents
Itself on a daily basis,
We empower
Students and credentialed coaches
To adapt, integrate, and flourish
From the inside out,
For the betterment
Of all sentient beings.

Deep bow to you….
And to every. single. thing!