Next time you are standing…
•Imagine the soles of your feet connecting with the core of our planet.
•Imagine the crown of your head connecting to the farthest galaxy.
•Image it.
•Breathe it.
•Become it.
•Bloom in it.

Keep inhaling and exhaling…
Be open to sensation…
What are you experiencing in your body?

Breathing the Breath of “Just This”

Inhale and silently breathe “Just”
Exhale and silently breathe “This”
Continue for five minutes.

Ink Enso on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper
Ann-Marie McKelvey

As you breathe, deepen into this moment…
~How your body responds
~How your mind responds
~How that which has been hidden arises

Notice the experience of deepening into your mystery…
Just This.