Life’s tests…

When they will come, we never know.
But they do come…
Sometimes fast,
Sometimes slow.

What we know is this…
By upleveling and cultivating our belief system
We are up for the challenge
We are up for the test.

Be patient with yourself.
Breathe into the moment.
Exhale out all that is not needed.
Navigate the best you can.
Stand up tall.
Face it.
Move forward…

And remember…what other people think of you is none of your business!

So don’t stop before you are half way through…
The other side is waiting for you!

Seasoned Beginners

Seasoned Beginners understand there are no Do-Overs. There are no Second Chances. Instead they live each moment as a fresh beginning with new eyes to what impermanently surrounds them.

Seasoned Beginners bear witness and find antidotes to belief systems and patterns that enter through the daily programming of social media, news, our cultures and governments.

They choose to steer away from conversations that do not serve like recreational bitterness or playing “The Ain’t It Awful Game” with others.

Instead they live proactively in integrity, engaged kindness, courageous actions of compassion where it’s not about others…it’s about all of us.

Seasoned Beginners stand tall with an active and strong heart: somatically, mindfully, creatively, unceasingly.