Sometimes the best told story…

is not what actually happened…even if it is a good story!

Sometimes the best told story is a fabrication of what was.

To continue telling the story over years perpetuates the illusion it is true. Yet what is true is the suffering that the story creates for others.

Bottomline: If you are embellishing a story, ask yourself what needs are being met for you. Especially if you have an inkling that over the years an illusion is being perpetuated.

Know what I mean, JellyBean?


What stories did you tell yourself today?

How did the stories come about?
•By witnessing a situation?
•By flaming your emotions?
•By living out the triggers from a previous experience?

Stories lead our lives. They can take us into living our passions or down a dark alley….and everything in between.

Choose carefully the stories you want to tell yourself this week. Once chosen live them wholeheartedly.

Notice how life responds.


What stories are you telling yourself?
What belief systems do they arise from?

Imagine if you stepped back and let the stories unfold without you.

Without your delegation, what story now arises?

And more importantly…
What arises in you without stories?

No exceptions

Whatever the story
Consciously choosing how to respond is always on you.


No exceptions.