It has come to this…

Fire dancing
As it heats this room.

Irish Chai simmerng
Waiting to be poured.

Sun rising unseen
Behind the Sangre de Cristos.

Every single thing moving
In its’ place.

It has come to this…
This is what is.

Trusting What Is

Look around.
Bear witness to your environments
Both inner and outer.

Pause. Breathe. Settle.

Observe the “What Is-ness” in your life.
Trust What Is.
Notice what emerges.

Utilizing Zen Mind

Embrace the struggle without question.
Watch how accepting what is
Dissolves the rough edges
Creating more spaciousness  
For the antidotes to arrive.

Read the above a few times letting the energies of the words seep into your soma.

Embracing What-Is…

Embrace what-is in your life.
Steep yourself
In the reality of what-is.
Live from there.

Eliminate thoughts of what-could-have-been.

Notice how much life energy
Is liberated
When it is solely about

As though for the first time…

Beginners Mind is an open state of awareness. It is where belief systems are no longer fed by the past nor the imagined future.

It’s Just This.
It’s What Is.
It’s Here Now.
It is the Thusness of Life.

May you now live in Beginners Mind.