Feeling the burn…

Like in exercising, what feels like the burn today is the strength tomorrow.
Feel into the burn –breathe through it, knowing it brings wisdom, resiliency and strength tomorrow.

And there will be tears…

Give yourself permission to tear up, to weep, to wail.
Let the tears flows.

As loss occurs, allow grief to enter as your ally.
The challenges , stresses and uncertainties begin to reframe.

A new wisdom is birthed.
The strength of Beginners Mind is liberated.

Solstice Two Saturdays Ago in the BackLand

Singing the sun down, Coyote emerged from Grandmother Pinon Tree.
She stopped, turned her head and looked into me.

Like a friend who had been found
I bowed to her wild wisdom, innate beauty and silent strengths.

She began walking slowly down the cattle path with me following.
As she glanced back, I bowed again.
Raven watched quietly from the high cedar branch
Then flew ahead as the sun bowed and went behind the Jemez.