This evening
the Woman in the Moon
swallowed me
into her mandala.

I wonder…
When my expiration date arrives
will I have lived enough
to swallow life’s mandala
into my fullness?

190912 Moon over El Dorado

The Night of Her Fullness

Seven people said they had been up since 3am.
Each felt they had been singled out…

That something was wrong with them
That somehow they had chosen the wrong food to eat
The wrong nightly activity before bed
The wrong thoughts to think
Even the wrong place to live.

But they had simply forgotten
To give themselves permission
To go outside at 3am
Under the dark bright skies
And take refuge with the Woman in the Moon.

To bow to her fullness, her strength, her magnetizing light
To bow to their own aligned internal tides
And find meaning in the mysteries of existence.