When it’s messy…
When you feel stuck…

Open your tool box
Letting the traits most needed float out:
Resiliency, perseverance, curiosity.

And that “Go get ’em, Tiger” attitude.

It’ll happen!


Sit listening into the silent gaps without interruption.
Let the gaps soften you.
Let the gaps tenderize you

Taking a deep breath and exhaling
Let yourself dissolve into the gap.

Who are you now?

Being with…

Walk outside.
Go be with whatever seems to beckon you.

Sit in front of it. Or behind it. Or on top of it.
Do whatever is needed to be with it.

And now give it permission to be with you…
Somatically, mentally, emotionally, spriritually.

Ask, “What do I need to know?”

Be with what arises.

Neither This nor That

Living in Suchness

Bearing Witness to Just This

Breathing into What Is

Image yourself into being alive in a world of non-duality. A world where it is neither this nor that. A world of just this. A world where we walk with what is.

What is happening somatically as you mindfully imagine yourself participating in a non-dual world?

Give yourself time to play with this. Watch for shifts in consciousness.

It’s been 33 years

In the dream he said, “This is my cave. I am not ready to leave it.”

She said, “I know. But you will find there are many caves ready for you.”

Three weeks went by. She learned more about him as they continued meditating together.

Then in another dream he declared, “I am ready.”

In that one statement life changed.

Taking deep breaths
They birthed each other
Into going beyond the beyond.


Next time you are standing…
•Imagine the soles of your feet connecting with the core of our planet.
•Imagine the crown of your head connecting to the farthest galaxy.
•Image it.
•Breathe it.
•Become it.
•Bloom in it.

Keep inhaling and exhaling…
Be open to sensation…
What are you experiencing in your body?

Revisiting a Favorite Place

The memories flood through:
Study Buddies whispering across the table.
Unknown authors randomly discovered on shelves.
Poems and essays vibrating new ways of thinking.
The wisdom of Dante and Socrates beckoning
the timelessness of life.

Meem Library, St. John’s College 200131 • Ann-Marie

Now decades later
With fresh eyes and little time left
I am back.

Aliveness thrives in this moment.

Decision vs. Choice

He said dejectedly, “I have made the decision to stay until the end of the year.” Then his shoulders slumped.

She said, “Whoa! That decision sounds like a non-negotiable jail sentence.

“I am curious, what happens when you switch out the word decision for the word choice? What happens to your body?”

He didn’t have to say a word. His body said it all. His eyes softened. Color came back into his cheeks. He sat up straighter. He smiled.

Notice the different energies between the word decision and the word choice.

Empowering ourselves through words is such an easy task and yet so often we forget.