The In-Between State

Between the inhale and the exhale is….the gap.
Let yourself rest there.
What do you witness?

Between the exhale and the inhale is…the gap.
Let yourself rest there.
What do you witness?

How is the In-Between State a metaphor for your life?

A Question and a Challenge

Question: What dilapidated and out-of-date mindset is not serving you?

Challenge: Name it. Cut the cord in your mind’s eye. Consciously breathe into this liberating moment as the old mindset floats away.

What are you aware of?

Feeling Into the Energies

What are you aware of when you feel into the energy of flexible resiliency? Radiant love? Engaged compassion? Courageous kindness?

Mindful Practice
Give yourself permission to let go of moral judging. Witness everyone including yourself as though for the first time.

Consider what needs are going unmet in their world. Consider what needs are going unmet in yours. What one need can you meet for that person you have judged? And what one need can you meet for that part of yourself you have judged?

Flood your awareness with the energies of flexible resiliency, radiant love, engaged compasson and courageous kindness, How now are you viewing sentient beings including yourself?

Consider: How is your body responding when you do these mental exercises?

A New Day with Beginners Mind

It’s your life ~ Your perceptions, your belief systems, your interpretations. Periodically they must be updated when they no longer serve you and this ever-changing world.

How to update them? Choose Beginners Mind to guide you with fresh eyes.

This mental training aka mental flossing is imperative to live a life of ~
•Courageous kindness
•Deep and engaged compassion
•Flexible resiliency
•Radiant love.

May these states embody you…now.

Banquet of Life Mandala

MIndfulness Practice for Today
What banquet are you not witnessing and participating in right now?

Imagine it is called the Banquet of Life Mandala.
•Step into it.
•Look around. What are you witnessing?
•Notice how your body, heart and mind are responding.

And now, something to contemplate:
If you gave 100% participation to your Banquet of Life Mandala , what would this day be like for you and all sentient beings?

This moment…

Gift yourself this moment…
Welcoming all that arises, both the seen and unseen.

Steep yourself in the Mysteries of the Unknown…
Sans frameworks, boundaries, expectations…

With open hand to all that is…

No clinging nor grasping
Neither this nor that…
Just This.

Notice what you don’t like…

….and then give thanks to the teachings you have received.

Notice how opening and giving thanks to every—single—thing shifts the energies…somatically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Opening to all that is…