What the Rocky Mountain Bluebirds Knew

They knew the winter storm was coming
Bringing frigid air and blizzards for days.
They knew dawdling in the BackLand could not be
Even for one more hour.

Their vision was to get to Mexico ahead of the storm.
Their motivation was not to die.
They could not and would not compromise.

After filling themselves with water and seed for the next leg of their journey
The flock said good-bye with one last swirl above the BackLand and flew south.
It was 1:15 in the afternoon.

At 6 o’clock with the sunset the hard, fast winds came
Carrying heavy rains, sleet and now, this morning, snow.

The Rocky Mountain Bluebirds knew and took action.

•What do you know about your storms?
•What action do you need to take without compromise?
•What is your timeline?

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