“But it wasn’t supposed to be like this…”

And yet it is, just like this.

Over the years my favorite mantra is breathing in Just and breathing out This.

Slowly and steadily:
Just This.
Just This.
Just This.

These two words will bring you back to the moment.
As Just This becomes your ally it will begin breathing you.
Trust Just This.
You are so much more than “Ain’t it awful thinking”.

You are Just This.

Speaking your truth

Differentiate yourself from the projections, the half truths, the lies.
Walk away from those who act as though “it never happened”.

What is not your business…stay clear of.
What is your business….clear up.

Become an ally to those who are disrespected, treated cruely, and shamed.
(This includes being an ally unto yourself!)

Today do what is necessary to live in a world where all are welcomed.