The “Just This Tree”

I invite you to sit and lean up against the trunk of your favorite tree.
Breathing in Just.
Exhaling This.

Leaning in, let the tree support you.
Breathing in Just.
Exhaling This.
Just This.

As you are swallowed up in Just This-ness...
Notice the gifts that surround you.

The Gift of Pausing

The receipt was $123.19 too much. There was a long line in back of me so the cashier with a wicked bad cold said Customer Service would help me with the refund.

I pushed my cart to Customer Service. The woman behind the counter didn’t look at me as I explained what had happened. Instead she emptied all my cloth bags and began returning every item through her register.

I said, “No. Please, wait. Let me explain again. I want everything in the bags but there were two overcharges totalling $123.19 that I would like credited to my card.”

She continued not looking at me as she returned the items. I felt my body get hot. My breath was short and I could tell my mind was churning up something to say that I would later regret and have to make amends for.

It was then I remembered I had a choice on how to respond. So I paused right there at Customer Service. I closed my eyes taking ten deep inhales and exhales. With each breath I could feel my body relax as my mind began to settle. I was down-regulating.

When I opened my eyes the woman was looking at me with a tiny smile. We saw each other.

I said, “Could we begin again? I think we could have more fun doing this.” And so we began again.

Moral of the Story: To gift ourselves with pausing helps us move through the world with more ease and less suffering.

Just This

You made it.
You are here.

Breathe it in…this newness.
Pretty wonderful, huh?
That’s it. That’s all there is.

Just This.

Presenting Your Whole Self to the Now of 2019

  • Closing your eyes, breathe out all that is not needed. 
  • Inhale all that is needed.
  • Breathe out all that is no longer required
  • Inhale all that is needed.
  • Breathe out all that is outdated
  • Inhale all that is needed.
  • Breathe out all that no longer serves
  • Inhale all that is needed.
  • Repeat.

Reveal yourself to yourself. The self that is you…not the programming of your culture, your parents, your brother or sister.  Reveal yourself to yourself.  Look in the mirror of your mind.

Sink in.

What does your true face reveal?