Engaging in Right Action…

Take a quantum leap today by engaging 100% into Right Action.
How? A beginning step is this Loving Kindness Meditation.

1. Visualize all peoples of the world.
2. Slowly speak:
~May we now see the similarities between us.
~May we now be filled with loving kindness.
~May we now to be safe and protected.
~May we now be resilient in mind and body.
~May we now help each other to live together with respect, ease and joy.
3. Put physical form to the LKM by reaching out to someone you don’t know and connect wholeheartedly.

Writing A Love Letter to Life

Notice what unfolds as you connect with Life as your beloved through contemplation and the written word.

Here’s one I wrote a wee bit earlier to Life:
All the beauty you have created
Was combined tonight
As the sun set over the Sangre de Cristos
And your love soared through the golden ruby skies.

Contemplate life as your lover. Write a love letter to life without hesitation and without judgement or editing. Notice how your body feels as you write and read the letters out loud.

What changes inside of you?