What have you inherited from the Pandemic?

Pandemic pounds?
Pandemic thoughts?
Pandemic anxiety?
Pandemic hair style?
Pandemic low-level depression?
Pandemic habits?
Pandemic lifestyle?
Pandemic schooling?
Pandemic job?
Pandemic ______?

Do not let CoVid-19 define you.
Do not let CoVid-19 lead you.
Do not let CoVid-19 choose your behavioral defaults.

Today choose healthy antidotes needed
To find your life’s rhythm
In this new world unfolding.

Indulging Is a Great Escape…unless it’s not…

Yesterday my French client in her second day of lock-down shared,

I’m indulging. I had a whole pizza for breakfast and then popcorn slathered in butter before lunch. While I binged three movies I ate pancakes drowning in maple syrup. I just wanted to erase Covid-19 from my thoughts. I wanted to binge the fear away. But now I just feel empty and useless.

Choosing indulging as a way to eliminate fear can paralyze us emotionally while disconnecting us from our bodies.

How about using indulging constructively?

At the top of each hour today ask yourself, “How might I engage wholeheartedly in a life of meaning…right now? And then indulge yourself into the answer without waiting!”

Notice what arises and what dissolves.

May we all purposely engage wholeheartedly in a life of meaning today. A life that is focused on contribution, invention, and creativity.

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