What do you know by heart?

Remember reciting poetry and songs?
Remember saying, “I know it by heart!”?

Today what do you know by heart?
What is that heart of yours sharing with you?
LIsten deeper. Embody it.

Express what you know by heart.
Without apologies. Without explanations.
Without seeking approval.

Express these new whisperings.
Let your heart raise your consciousness.
May you be courageous as you rise
And then like with all evolving good things
Take it to the streets
And share like a spiritual warrior..

Yesterday Is No Longer

We have today. This moment. Right now.

With that nowness comes 18 million choices on how to think, be, and do.

How are you choosing to live this moment? Not yesterday’s moment…but this moment.

In other words…how are you evolving?

I-PhoneLookers and ShoeLookers

Being an I-PhoneLooker or a ShoeLooker keeps us from experiencing the ten directions of a loving life.

As you keep your head down I challenge you to find the heart of love in every thought and feeling that arises from what you view.

ShoeLooker experiencing Hearts of Love
202016 Santa Fe, New Mexico • Ann-Marie

Then bring your head up, breathe in the fresh air and look around.

See the spontaneous smiles of two-leggeds. Listen to the the HumourMakers and feel again how the body comes alive with laughter. Smell the scent of snow coming over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and witness the excitement of your body. Feel your heart beat. Notice the preciousness of your human body.

Let yourself evolve into a MiracleLooker…

An evolving image

We are not who we have been.
We are who we are becoming.
And sometimes it looks messy!

La Posada: A Fred Harvey Hotel • Winslow, Arizona 190601

The Lake of a Thousand Dreams

Once upon a time in a land not so far away there lived a princess: bright, strong, independent, Her palace overlooked the Lake of a Thousand Dreams, yet she was unable to dream passion, balance and light-heartedness into her world.

The Princess suffered. One day she would be alive with happiness in what life gave her, the next day dying in hopelessness from what she saw in the world.

This story is about how she found and lived the three-fold dream of passion, balance and light-heartedness no matter what life gave her. This story is how she became Queen.

Lake of a Thousand Dreams aka Abiquiu Lake, New Mexico • Captured by Wendy Wagner