I-PhoneLookers and ShoeLookers

Being an I-PhoneLooker or a ShoeLooker keeps us from experiencing the ten directions of a loving life.

As you keep your head down I challenge you to find the heart of love in every thought and feeling that arises from what you view.

ShoeLooker experiencing Hearts of Love
202016 Santa Fe, New Mexico • Ann-Marie

Then bring your head up, breathe in the fresh air and look around.

See the spontaneous smiles of two-leggeds. Listen to the the HumourMakers and feel again how the body comes alive with laughter. Smell the scent of snow coming over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and witness the excitement of your body. Feel your heart beat. Notice the preciousness of your human body.

Let yourself evolve into a MiracleLooker…

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