With fresh eyes…

Sink into
Look purposely
For the unexpected.

Notice how you
Move into
Beginners Mind
When you
Expect the Unexpected.

Isn’t life fun???

A Mindfulness Practice for Today

InHale New Beginings,
ExHale all stagnant qi.

InHale Fresh Eyes,
Exhale a Fixed Mindset

Inhale the love that surrounds,
ExHale judgements and opinions.

InHale all that is needed,
ExHale all that is not .

Remember: The breath is your ally.

How will it become visible?

Imagine what you are looking for is looking right at you…but you can’t see it.

How do you make the invisible visible?
•Close your eyes and open into a spacious mindset.
•Soften your body with the energy of kindness.
•Gently open your eyes
•View the world with the fresh eyes of Beginners Mind.

What has become visible?

Revisiting a Favorite Place

The memories flood through:
Study Buddies whispering across the table.
Unknown authors randomly discovered on shelves.
Poems and essays vibrating new ways of thinking.
The wisdom of Dante and Socrates beckoning
the timelessness of life.

Meem Library, St. John’s College 200131 • Ann-Marie

Now decades later
With fresh eyes and little time left
I am back.

Aliveness thrives in this moment.