As the blinders come off…

You may stumble, trip, fall. Get back up again. You are doing the best you can without maps and instructions.

As the blinders come off…be kind to yourself and to us. You plus Us = We.

We can do this together…

On southeast side of Maui near Bully’s Burgers. Ann-Marie

Starting with your own heart…

Gentleness and kindness start at home. We begin with our own heart. When we are kind and gentle with ourselves, we naturally offer this gentle kindness to all beings we meet.

How do you remember to be present and loving with yourself?

Be Kind to Yourself…

So many ways to be in the world.
So many different hats to wear.
So many emotions flowing through.
So many commitments to live and/or break.
So many ways to contribute.
So many ways to grow.
And so many ways to be kind.

I challenge you to put kindness ahead of everything else for the next 24 hours.
Being kind first to yourself and then letting the kindness radiate to others.

Notice what arises.

Stay Alert with Kindness and Love

Fear brings the harshness of a heartless enemy.
It covers us with a suffocating blanket of paralysis.

The antidote?

Kindness and Love takes on all forms…

Without hesitation
Engage into the depths of Kindness and Love.

Bring Kindness and Love to all situations.
Breathe it in and out.
Let it wash over you.

Stay alert.
Actively bring your mind back
To actions of Kindness and Love
For yourself and others.

We will get through this…with each other.

How will it become visible?

Imagine what you are looking for is looking right at you…but you can’t see it.

How do you make the invisible visible?
•Close your eyes and open into a spacious mindset.
•Soften your body with the energy of kindness.
•Gently open your eyes
•View the world with the fresh eyes of Beginners Mind.

What has become visible?