The Getting UnStuck Ritual

First hydrate.
Now stretch your muscles.
Breathe – exhaling and inhaling deeply.
Feel the stagnant qi begin to move?

Soften your gaze.
Intentionally bear witness
To an open and spacious world.

Delve into your aliveness.
Who you truly are
As you begin again.

Mind training is about conscious choices.
To do or not to do
To be stuck or to flow

What is your choice in this moment?

What energies are you mailing out into the Universe?

Stop and ask yourself, “Is this the energy that I want to mail to others?”

And if not…
Settle the mind with breath.
Once settled ask yourself, “What is my next best action step?”
Listen, trust and follow through.

Bottomline: Imagine if collectively we mailed resiliency, compassion, creativity, ingenuity, trust and love into the Universe.

I’m in. You?

200309 Remain Calm. We are One. • Ann-Marie