When you look ahead
It can be daunting.

But when you are right here, right now in this moment…
It is Just This.

My favorite mindful practice:
•Breathe in JUST
•Exhale THIS
•Repeat in every situation and notice…

It’s going to be messy

As impermanence leads the way, change is close behind. This is when the messiness erupts. It is like opening the junk drawer where nothing makes sense.

Yes, it’s going to be messy, but, don’t give up before the miracle happens. It will sort itself out.

And then it will become messy again as impermanence continues.

Mindful Practice
•Breathe into the messiness.
•Know it is happening at exactlly the right time.
•Breathe out all that is not needed. Breath in the sense of emptiness.
•Continue breathing in and out.
•Watch the messiness dissolve in both your inner and outer world.
•Continue bearing witness and watch as impermanence, change and messiness all begin again!

I love hearing your awakening stories…keep sending them on!

Love magnetizes love

When we live from our heart the love unfolds and aligns with love that has gone unnoticed.

In other words: Love finds love like an external magnetic field.

A Mindful Practice:
Go into the world and look into the eyes of everyone who crosses your path. As you see them silently say “I love you”.

No exceptions.

Notice what arises.  Notice the aliveness in your BodyMind when love permeates both inside and out.  Notice how life pulsates in a richer way with love as its companion.

Notice…and repeat!