Where the Mind Goes…the Qi goes!

Be aware of what you are focusing on today.
Be attentive to what you are cultivating.
Be focused on your intentions.
Keep reining in your MonkeyMind.

Stay determined and courageous
Remembering ~
Where the Mind goes, the Qi goes.

Moving the qi with laughter

Laughing meditation – purposely laughing without the stimulus of humour -is strong medicine.

Let go of the belief system “I must be happy to be laughing.”
Let the laughing flow throughout your body awakening the qi.
Let the laughing clear out any somatic debris of stress, frustration, fear, anxiety and stories that don’t serve.

Laugh with abandon for 30 seconds.
Laugh deeply and courageously.
Stop abruptly at 30 seconds.
Notice what you are aware of mentally. emotionally and physically.

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Hoping to laugh with you!

Deep bow,