That which is needed
For this new world
We live in.

Exhale who you used to be,
Inhale the integrated you.

Watch resistance dissolve
As ease transforms.

You’ve Got This…

You know in your heart of hearts
What the next steps are.

You know in your heart of hearts
What is no longer needed

Update. Restore. Invent.

To resist change is futile.
You will end up sick, up against the wall, stuck in a fixed mindset.

Instead leapfrog over the resistance to change.
Embody hope, faith and, yes, much more love.
Imagine engaged creativity flowing..

Uplevel yourself.
Resistance is futile.

The Moment Is Here!

•What project must you do today that you have procrastinated about?
Write it down.

•Note any resistance and leapfrog over it.
(Over-thinking is not allowed.)

•What energy field must you create (in and around you) to move the project forward?
Name and describe it so you can live it!

•Take a deep breath into this new and developing energy field. Exhale out any resistance that may have seeped in.

•Bring your body with you.
Using your imagination physically move and stretch your body into this new, pristine and thriving energy field.

•What are the steps to move your project towards completion?
Write them down…and do them!

•Stay aligned within your energy field! When you move out of it…use your breath and stretch back in.

Please keep me posted. I am doing this with you!